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New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers

Hazardous Roadway Injury Attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ Seek Maximum Compensation for Client Injured in Car Accidents Due to Dangerous Road Conditions in Burlington County, Camden County, Cumberland County, and Throughout South Jersey

New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law will help you obtain compensation for car accident injuries caused by dangerous driving conditions.

Not all car accidents are caused by driver errors.  In some circumstances, the road conditions themselves can cause catastrophic car accidents leading to significant bodily injuries and even death. In addition to broken bones, individuals can suffer traumatic brain injuries, muscle sprains and strains, burns, loss of limbs, paralysis, back and neck injuries and loss of vision.

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Types of Hazardous Roadway Cases That Our New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers Can Help You With

New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers

Poorly maintained roads

Road surfaces must be properly maintained to allow the safe travel of motor vehicles.  When roadways are uneven, full of potholes, or contain unmarked oil and chip spots, dangerous car accidents are likely to occur.

Poorly designed roadways

Other potentially dangerous road conditions can occur as a result of poor road design.  Roads with shoulder drop-offs, high banks, improper grading, faulty guardrails, obstructed or unclear traffic signals and signs, unseen curves and low bridges are examples of poorly designed roads.  Improper road lighting (including overly bright or lack of nighttime lighting) can also be extremely dangerous.

Poor weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions frequently result in dangerous driving conditions.  Wet and slick roads, or roads covered with snow and ice, can result in serious car accidents especially when roads are not properly plowed or salted.

Construction work zones and other road obstacles

Unexpected road obstacles can also result in dangerous driving conditions.  Construction work zones can create hazardous conditions as drivers must navigate varying speed limits and maneuver around road blocks.  Other vision obstructions can include poor landscaping, wild animals wandering onto a road, and improperly placed signage.


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New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers Assist Clients in Establishing Liability for Car Accidents Caused by Dangerous Driving Conditions

Government entities have the responsibility to maintain safe roads for motorists. State and federal laws, including Federal Highway Administration regulations, set forth these governmental responsibilities. Federal, state and local governmental entities can avoid liability under the doctrine of sovereign immunity unless a claimant can demonstrate recklessness or gross negligence. There is also a shortened period of time under the statute of limitations in which a person injured in a car accident must file a claim against a government entity. The experienced hazardous roadway injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ at DiTomaso Law can help you navigate the complexities of governmental immunity and statute of limitations law in these situations.

Other potentially responsible parties include road surveyors, contractors hired to maintain or repair road surfaces, road designers, landscaping companies and snow removal businesses.

New Jersey Dangerous Driving Condition Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help Injured Victims Claim Compensation

At DiTomaso Law, our aggressive hazardous roadway injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ work with individuals injured as a result of car accidents caused by dangerous driving conditions. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Our dedicated team of New Jersey dangerous driving condition accident lawyers can help you receive compensation for the costs of your past and future medical treatment (including rehabilitation), lost wages (including any loss of future earning capacity), and your pain and suffering.

DiTomaso Law has offices conveniently located in Center City, Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey to serve injured individuals and their families throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. To schedule your free confidential consultation, call our New Jersey dangerous driving condition Accident lawyers toll free at 856-414-0010 or contact us online.

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