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New Jersey E-Scooter Accident Lawyers

E-Scooter Injury Attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ Helping E-Scooter Accident Victims Secure Compensation and Justice in Camden County, Burlington County, Cumberland County, and Throughout South Jersey

With their comparably fast speeds and more complicated systems, electric scooters have a greater propensity to contribute to serious accidents than their traditional counterparts. When they do, you need DiTomaso Law’s knowledgeable New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers on your side. As these personal transportation devices become more pervasive and accidents involving them occur more frequently, our team is following every update on this evolving issue. We’re prepared to seek full financial compensation from device manufacturers and other parties for injured e-scooter riders and victims of collisions. 

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E-Scooter Accidents in South Jersey

In New Jersey, e-scooters are generally regulated under the same rules as bicycles. Despite legislative efforts dating back to 2022, the state doesn’t currently require special licenses or registrations (although some municipalities may have separate requirements). 

Riders of e-scooters share the road with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians, just as bicycles do. Malfunctions that lead to loss of control can contribute to accidents that cause serious injuries, especially when they occur on the busy city streets of Cherry Hill, Camden, Voorhees, and Pennsauken

Whatever the circumstances of your e-scooter accident, you can benefit from reviewing your legal rights and options with experienced e-scooter injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

Common Types of E-Scooter Accidents 

New Jersey E-Scooter Accident Lawyers

Our New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers handle a wide variety of e-scooter accident claims. If there’s any chance that another party’s negligence contributed to your injuries, we can thoroughly investigate the incident to identify all potential defendants and theories of liability through which you may be able to pursue compensation. 

E-scooter accidents in New Jersey most commonly occur in forms like the following. 

Motor Vehicle Collisions 

E-scooters share the road with cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. The negligence of any party involved could lead to a crash between these personal transportation devices and much larger motor vehicles. 

Often, collisions between e-scooters and automobiles result from one or more parties failing to yield, engaging in distracted driving behaviors, violating traffic safety laws, or otherwise acting negligently. Drivers of motor vehicles may fail to notice or yield to e-scooter riders when appropriate because they aren’t expecting to share the road with these devices. 

At times, however, factors like unsafe road conditions or malfunctioning e-scooters may contribute to a crash. 

Determining liability and potential sources of coverage for an e-scooter collision with a motor vehicle can be challenging. You need professional assistance to figure out how and from what source you may be able to pursue financial compensation. 

Pedestrian Accidents 

Just as e-scooters may collide with motor vehicles, they can also strike those on foot, particularly at intersections and crosswalks. These collisions are also common when the rider of the e-scooter is operating the device on sidewalks and in pedestrian areas. 

Even personal transportation devices classified as “low-speed” electric scooters can reach speeds of up to 19 miles per hour. A collision between an unprotected pedestrian and a scooter in motion can lead to significant injury. 

E-Scooter-Bicycle Collisions 

E-scooter riders often share lanes or paths with bicycles. When one or more parties fail to see or yield to another, collisions within bike paths can occur. Riders may even hit other e-scooters or e-bikes. In crashes of this nature, it’s not unusual for a rider to be knocked off of their scooter or bike. In the fall, they can suffer more serious harm than that caused by the impact of the collision alone. 

Single-Scooter Accidents 

Injuries to riders of e-scooters don’t have to involve another vehicle. Any loss of control of the device, no matter the reason, could cause the rider to wipe out or fall from the scooter and potentially sustain significant injuries. 

Causes of single-scooter accidents include: 

  • Device malfunction 
  • Loss of control due to operator error
  • Potholes and poor road conditions
  • Other road hazards

Even a single-scooter accident may provide grounds for a claim for compensation if some other party’s negligence contributed to the accident. For example, many e-scooter injury claims name device designers and manufacturers as defendants, alleging negligence that led to defective or malfunctioning products. In certain situations, it may be possible to pursue a claim against a party that negligently maintained either the road surface or the e-scooter itself (if rented) or an entity that negligently created dangerous conditions on the road or property. 

Fires and Other Malfunctions 

Malfunctions of e-scooters may harm riders and others in the vicinity in ways beyond collisions and loss of control. Electrical shocks and fires due to defective or malfunctioning e-scooters have been reported. The burn injuries and harm from electrical shocks that accompany such accidents can range from minor to severe and life-altering. 


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Compensation for E-Scooter Accident Injuries 

Securing compensation for the injuries you sustained in an e-scooter accident often depends on factors like negligence and sources of insurance coverage. Every situation is unique in terms of what parties were involved in and at fault for the accident and what potential coverage may exist. The best way to determine if you have the grounds for a claim is to have the specifics of your case reviewed by seasoned New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers like DiTomaso Law. 

Types of Damages in E-Scooter Injury Claims 

If you are able to seek financial compensation for the injuries you sustained in an e-scooter accident, the goal of such a legal action is to make you financially whole. This means addressing the full range of different harms and losses that resulted from your injuries. 

As your e-scooter injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ, we begin calculating the potential value of your claim by looking at your economic damages. These are the losses for which a clear numerical cost can be reported or projected. Non-economic damages you may be able to recover compensation for in an e-scooter accident claim include: 

  • Your medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Any future medical expenses related to your injuries 
  • Lost wages for any time during which your injuries or treatments kept you out of work 
  • Any loss of future earning potential if your injury permanently affects your ability to work
  • Property damage 

We know these costs don’t tell the whole story of what you’ve lost because of the accident. When possible, we will fight to secure compensation for your non-economic damages, as well. These include: 

  • Your pain and suffering 
  • Any decline in your quality of life or enjoyment of life 

Your path to maximum compensation begins with the assistance of e-scooter injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ, who can calculate your damages in their entirety and thoroughly document those damages to support your claim. 

Who Can Sue for an E-Scooter Accident? 

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to pursue compensation through an e-scooter accident claim if you sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence. 

Generally, the types of parties that may be able to move forward with e-scooter injury claims include: 

  • An e-scooter rider, especially in situations involving negligence on the part of a motorist, the device manufacturer, or an entity that created or allowed hazardous road conditions 
  • Drivers and occupants of vehicles injured due to collisions with e-scooters or their riders
  • A pedestrian, cyclist, or other individual struck by an e-scooter while not inside a motor vehicle 
  • Any individual in the vicinity of the e-scooter who suffered burns or electric shock due to a malfunction, even if they weren’t riding the device or struck by it
  • Families of individuals fatally injured in e-scooter accidents in the form of wrongful death claims

To determine whether and how you may be able to move forward with a claim, an attorney will need to review the specific details of your accident, paying close attention to factors like negligence and potential sources of insurance coverage. 

Potential Defendants in E-Scooter Accident Claims 

E-scooter accidents occur due to a variety of reasons, ranging from product malfunctions to human error on the part of device operators and motorists. Often, negligence of some kind is involved. 

Depending on the circumstances of the collision, you may have the grounds for a claim against one or more of the following parties or entities: 

  • The e-scooter manufacturer
  • The e-scooter designer
  • Distributors, retailers, and others involved in the distribution of a defective e-scooter
  • E-scooter rental companies, especially if improper maintenance played a role in the accident 
  • E-scooter maintenance service providers who failed to properly maintain the device in safe condition 
  • A rider whose errors operating the device caused a collision 
  • Drivers of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles who injured e-scooter riders in accidents caused by their negligence behind the wheel 
  • Property owners whose premises were maintained in unsafe conditions that caused or contributed to the accident 
  • Government agencies responsible for maintaining road conditions 

It isn’t always clear in the immediate aftermath of an accident what parties may potentially be involved. The benefit of consulting seasoned e-scooter injury attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ, promptly is having the opportunity to fully investigate every aspect of the crash with the aim of not only collecting valuable evidence but also identifying all possible defendants. 

How DiTomaso Law Can Help

Our New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers know just how much a serious scooter injury can affect your life. That’s why we’re committed to exploring every avenue available for you to seek financial compensation for your injuries. 

We begin each claim with a thorough assessment of the facts. From there, we can provide preliminary advice and information about your legal rights and launch an in-depth investigation to answer any lingering questions. If we’re able to identify one or more potential defendants, we can use the evidence we gather to build a strong case for holding that party liable for your injuries. 

While we focus on establishing the defendant’s negligence, we’re also working to document the full extent of your damages so that we can fight for a settlement or award that covers your losses. Throughout the stages of the legal process, from the initial filing of your claim or lawsuit through settlement negotiations, our goal is to seek maximum compensation for you. 

It’s our mission as your New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers to be your advocates and support from start to finish, so even though you’re going through a challenging time, you won’t have to do it alone. 

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Why Choose DiTomaso Law for Your E-Scooter Accident Claim? 

At DiTomaso Law, we have the experience and credentials to put your claim on the path to maximum compensation, backed by our history of successful results. 

Our firm has served the region for more than 25 years. All told, our team of experienced attorneys brings together a combined 80+ years of experience. 

With firm founder Richard DiTomaso, Esq.’s status as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, you can feel confident that we’re prepared to take your case to court if necessary to secure the compensation you deserve. 

We have secured numerous settlements and verdicts in the six-figure range and beyond, including significant payouts for victims of motor vehicle accidents, property liability cases, and other types of personal injury matters. See our results for yourself. 

Contact Our New Jersey E-Scooter Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Today for a Free Case Evaluation

Your first step to getting the compensation you deserve is scheduling a free consultation with our knowledgeable New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers. This is your chance to find out how the law applies to your unique situation and what rights and options you may have. From there, our experienced attorneys can advise you on how to move forward with your case. 

For help from an electric scooter injury attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ, contact DiTomaso Law online or call 856-414-0010 today.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Scooter Accident Claims in New Jersey

Why do e-scooter accidents happen?

Common causes of e-scooter accidents include: 
Brake failures
Battery failures
Steering system failures
Issues with the engine or throttle 
Device malfunctions or defects of other kinds
Dangers inherent in the design of the device 
Improper instructions or safety warnings 
Worn-out tires, brakes, or other components due to improper maintenance 
Roadway debris
Lack of appropriate signage on the road 
Failure of any party (e-scooter rider, driver, cyclist, or pedestrian) to follow traffic safety laws, including engaging in negligent behaviors like speeding, distracted driving, driving while impaired, failing to maintain their lane, or ignoring traffic signs and signals

What should you do if you fall off an electric scooter?

If you fall off an e-scooter, get help immediately. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may want to call 911. While at the scene of the accident, document everything, including where exactly the accident occurred, any safety hazards, and any visible damage to vehicles, property, or people. Ask any witnesses for their contact information and their accounts of what happened. 
As soon as you leave the scene of the accident, you should seek medical care. Even some serious injuries may not begin presenting symptoms right away, but waiting to get examined could exacerbate the damage and undermine your claim. 

What injuries are most common in e-scooter accidents? 

Cuts and bruises are the most common e-scooter injuries, and while these injuries may be minor, they can also be serious. For example, deep cuts may be severe enough to require stitches and could lead to permanent scarring. If a cut or road rash that occurs from being thrown from the scooter becomes infected, it can pose risks of serious complications. 
Other e-scooter injuries may also be serious. For example, broken bones and head injuries are particularly worrisome injuries that can result from e-scooters. To ensure that you’re getting the care you need for the best possible prognosis, you should see a doctor promptly after an e-scooter accident. 

How long do you have to file a claim for an e-scooter accident? 

In New Jersey, you typically have two years to file a lawsuit in a personal injury claim. This includes claims against the manufacturer of defective products, the motorist who caused a crash, and negligent property owners. There are exceptions to this deadline, including a state statute known as Title 59, under which anyone seeking to file a claim against a government entity must provide formal notice of their claim within 90 days of the accident. To make sure you fully understand all deadlines and rules that apply to your unique claim, you should consult New Jersey e-scooter accident lawyers as soon as possible.

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