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Camden County Personal Injury Lawyers Report on the Potential Danger of Holiday Decorations

December 03, 2014

The joy of the holiday season brings happiness to many.  Visiting with family and friends makes for wonderful memories and the festivities surrounding the holidays are abundant and elaborate.

Each year thousands of people take pride in decorating their homes, apartments, dorm rooms, and even their cars with beautiful trees, bright lights, tinsel, garland, candles,  and new festive creations on the market.  There is no denying that holiday decorations enhance the mood of the season, but they can also pose potential dangers.  It is important to use common sense and plan for safety wherever holiday decorations are displayed.

Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers at DiTomaso Law offer the following  suggestions for keeping your home, school or office accident free and safe from dangerous holiday decorations:

  • Take careful notice of where candles are placed and lit. Lighted candles should never be placed on or near trees or plants.  Keep lit candles in a safe place where they cannot be knocked down.  Moreover, always extinguish candles before leaving your home.
  • Keep wrapping paper away from fireplace areas and Christmas tree lights to avoid the risk of a fire.
  • Be particular when choosing a Christmas tree. Fresh trees pose less of a fire threat than dry trees.  To determine if a tree is fresh, check if the trunk is damp and if its needles are intact and hard to pull from branches.  Remember to replenish the water every day for fresh trees.
  • Trees and holiday decorations should be placed away from any heat source, including fire places and radiators.
  • In order to avoid a slip and fall accident, trees should be easy to maneuver around and not block doorways. It is important that trees and other large decorations are securely fastened to walls or ceilings.
  • Lights used indoors or outdoors should be tested for safety before being used. This includes checking for broken sockets, frayed wires, or loose connections.  Lights and all decorations should be turned off overnight.
  • Colorful, artificial sprays for window decorating can be irritating if inhaled. Use caution by reading and following the directions on the cans.

The following is especially important to prevent injuries to children:

  • Keep bubble lights away from kids. They are colorful and the movement can tempt young children to break the glass around them.  Glass can cut a child and the liquid inside these lights contain dangerous chemicals if ingested.
  • Keep all heavy decorations out of the reach of young children.
  • Place a decorative barrier around the tree so little ones are not able to tug at it. Tragedy can occur if a heavy tree falls on a small person.
  • Keep all types of fire salts used for coloring fires out of the reach of children. They contain heavy metals that can cause intense stomach pain if ingested.
  • Keep all decorations with small parts away from young children.
  • Use caution when lighting candles around children.

Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Work Hard for Individuals Injured in South Jersey and Philadelphia

Nothing can dampen the holiday season faster than a loved one suffering a serious injury.  Dealing with injuries caused by dangerous holiday decorations can have significant financial implications for families who then become increasingly overwhelmed. The Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers at YL4L have a proven track record of helping individuals injured in South Jersey and Southern Pennsylvania.

The personal injury law firm in Cherry Hill of DiTomaso Law is conveniently located in Center City, Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, NJ to accommodate residents in the South Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas including Mt. Holly, Cherry Hill and all areas in Camden County.  Call our accident lawyers in Cherry Hill today at 856-414-0010 or contact us online to speak with someone who can help you.  We offer our clients a lower contingency fee rate than many other personal injury lawyers.

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