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Blog: Workplace Accident

  • Navigating the Aftermath of a Workplace Injury in South Jersey: Your Comprehensive Guide

    February 08, 2024

    Suffering an injury at work can be a life-changing and daunting experience. You’re not only grappling with physical pain but also the mental strain and potential financial burdens that follow. At DiTomaso Law we deeply understand the challenges and complexities you face in these trying times. Whether it’s a sudden accident or a condition developed […]

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  • Understanding the Elevated Cancer Risks for Firefighters: Insights from Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

    September 06, 2023

    Firefighting is an admirable, yet perilous, profession. While many people recognize the immediate threats firefighters face, such as burns and smoke inhalation, fewer are aware of the insidious, long-term dangers lurking in the shadows. One alarming health concern that disproportionately affects firefighters is an increased risk of cancer. Our team at DiTomaso Law, experienced Workers’ […]

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  • Warehouse Worker Injury: Holding Employers Accountable for Unsafe Conditions

    August 24, 2023

    In the bustling world of logistics and supply chain management, warehouses play a pivotal role in storing, managing, and distributing goods. However, the fast-paced environment and heavy machinery involved in warehouse operations can lead to a heightened risk of accidents and injuries for workers. When accidents occur due to unsafe conditions, it is essential to […]

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  • Unveiling the Hidden Dangers: Exploring the Top Work Injuries in New Jersey

    June 15, 2023

    Workplace injuries can have a profound impact on employees, both physically and financially. In New Jersey, a bustling hub of industries and commerce, workers are exposed to various hazards that can lead to injuries and accidents.  From construction sites to offices, employees in various industries face hidden dangers that can result in severe harm. Understanding […]

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  • Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Lawsuits: Which Is Right for Your Case?

    May 13, 2023

    If you’ve suffered an injury on the job, you may be wondering whether to pursue a workers’ compensation claim or file a personal injury lawsuit. While these two types of legal actions can seem similar, they have distinct differences that can affect the outcome of your case. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between […]

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  • Am I More at Risk of an Injury During the First Year of Employment?

    July 22, 2022

    Starting a new job can be stressful, as new employees might worry about learning the ropes and impressing their bosses. Getting injured might not be in the forefront of their minds, but it is certainly something to think about. Several studies have shown that new workers are at higher risk of injuries during their first […]

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  • Are Work Injuries More Common in the Summer?

    July 05, 2022

    Summer is an enjoyable time for many people. Warm weather brings more outdoor activities. Barbeques, swimming, and nighttime gatherings with friends all help to create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Nevertheless, people still have to work. Regarding summertime jobs, the possibility of suffering an injury at the workplace is higher than most people think. […]

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  • What Are Safety Hazards for Demolition Workers?

    June 20, 2022

    While it might be fascinating to watch a large building being demolished, the workers on these job sites put themselves at considerable risk. They work at heights, in high temperatures, lift heavy equipment, and can be struck by falling debris. In 2020, 78 workers lost their lives in demolition accidents, according to the U.S. Bureau […]

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  • How Long Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury?

    May 16, 2022

    Workplace injuries occur when an accident injures one or more workers to the extent that they require medical treatment. New Jersey law requires employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover the costs of injuries workers might suffer while on the job. Workers’ Compensation covers the cost of medical treatment and other damages that the […]

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  • What Hazards to Workers Face on Loading Docks?

    May 10, 2022

    Loading docks are dangerous places to work. Warehouses, industrial buildings, retail businesses, and factories all use loading docks to load and unload cargo on tractor-trailers for transportation. Loading docks are typically congested areas with machinery, equipment, heavy loads, and workers constantly moving about, creating an environment where serious workplace injuries can occur. According to the […]

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