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3D Technology May Be Next for Car Safety

September 11, 2019

3D Technology May Be Next for Car Safety

Vehicle safety has always been a top priority for car manufacturers and consumers alike; even with the advent of new technology, you can never be too safe while driving an automobile. With millions of hours and dollars going into research every day, every car manufacturer is looking for the newest and sophisticated way to help make their cars the safest.

Now, automotive parts maker, Bosch, is introducing a new technology that implements a controlled digital display and can be used in most modern-day automobiles. Bosch believes that 3D technology has a more positive role behind the wheel than in other industries. They also believe that introducing a 3D display will be more beneficial for the safety minded driver, more so than the modern 2D displays most cars have available.

Improved Detection of Surroundings

Bosch’s new tech boasts an improved ability for the driver to detect their surroundings, and to better judge distances from objects in the road, other cars, and curbs, which is possibly the most important feature. When combined with an adaptive cruise control function, having a 3D display allows the driver to see better, and could also allow the vehicle itself to brake and react quicker. Also, warnings and alerts on a flat, 2D display can be easily missed. With a 3D display, digital warnings jump up at the driver and are more urgent, aiding the driver for quicker decisions.

The intuitive 3D display can also help with GPS and navigation. With a 3D rendering of surrounding areas and buildings, drivers can easily understand their location and where they intend to go. Modern GPS and navigation systems mostly show bold lines representing roads and the direction the driver must go.

Although a 3D system has been introduced in other vehicles, like Volkswagen’s trunk-mounted holograph system, Bosch’s system is made for the driver’s display and is designed for safety. They also offer modern features as well, such as a touchscreen interface, voice-control activation, and multiple camera views. Modern technology changes by the day with new systems and features rolling out in different industries, designed to make our lives convenient, comfortable, and safe. Car manufacturers across the world work to make our cars safe for drivers and their passengers, yet, car accidents and injuries can still occur.

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