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Autumn Driving Safety

October 11, 2018

Cherry Hill car accident lawyers advocate for driving safety during the autumn season.For many people, autumn is a favorite time of year, and New Jersey has plenty of beautiful fall scenery and activities to explore. Although we may not associate this season with challenging weather conditions, autumn does bring specific seasonal changes that can create dangerous road conditions for drivers. Some examples include:

  • Increased Rainfall
  • Cooler Mornings
  • Falling Leaves
  • Less Daylight
  • Time Change
  • Deer Season

Slippery Conditions

Increased rainfall in autumn many not seem so bad, but it can cause slick conditions. This is especially true when rain first starts to fall. Any motor oil that is on the road can rise to the surface, creating slick spots. Vehicles traveling too fast or those with bald tires are at an increased risk for accidents.

However, continued rainfall can create other hazards that are even more dangerous. Rainfall combined with fallen leaves can create roadway conditions as slippery as ice. Additionally, rainfall, cooler evenings, and lack of sunlight in the morning can allow temporary ice spots to form on roads. Take it slow early in the morning, and if your vehicle does begin to slide or fishtail, try the following tips to gain back control:

  • Avoid the impulse to step on the break
  • Keep your eyes on where you want the car to go
  • Turn the wheel toward the slide, not way from it
  • Do not overcorrect
  • Begin to straighten the wheel as the car straightens

Limited Visibility

Rainfall and cooler temperatures can also cause foggy conditions. When driving through foggy areas, take it slow and try to use low beams and fog lights only. High beams will only decrease visibility and could completely blind oncoming vehicles.

Sun glare creates other visibility issues for autumn drivers and can occur both when the sun rises and sets. Although sun glare can become an issue anytime during the year, the sun is rising later and setting earlier during this time of year. This means that sun glare may suddenly become a problem when least expected. To help reduce the glare, always keep the vehicle’s windshield clean and keep a pair of polarized sunglasses on hand.

Deer Season

Deer are more active during the months of October through January, and dawn and dusk are the times they are most likely to appear along the roads. Deer are often unpredictable and can appear with little or no warning. When driving at night, remember that deer can become panicked by a vehicle’s headlights.

With New Jersey’s tree lined highways and wooded areas, deer may be found in surprising places. When driving this fall, stay on the lookout for deer and other wildlife, and keep in mind that the car in front may have noticed deer first. When driving, look out for the following this autumn:

  • Watch for brake lights
  • Do not pass slow moving cars
  • Deer often travel in groups
  • Switch to low beams when encountering a deer at night
  • When stopping in the road due to deer, turn on hazard lights

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Advocate for Driving Safety During the Autumn Season

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