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Camden Car Accident Lawyers: Self-Driving Car Accidents

November 17, 2016

Camden Car Accident Lawyers: Self-Driving Car Accidents

Whether we like it or not, self-driving cars have arrived. Google, Volkswagen, and Delphi recently provided data to the University of Michigan that reveals self-driving cars are involved in five times the number of car accidents as human controlled vehicles. In addition, rates for personal injuries were higher. Still, upwards of 33 auto makers such as Ford, Volvo, and BMW will introduce self-driving cars soon.

Self-Driving Car Accidents and Injuries

Although the data seems conclusive, many companies are moving forward with self-driving cars. Uber has started a pilot program in Pittsburgh to test the technology themselves. However, each car will not be entirely self-driving; an engineer will oversee operations from the front seat. This is wise, given the data, but what exactly does the data indicate?

The Transportation Research Institute at UM determined that although self-driving cars were involved in more accidents, the data set is too small to be accurate. In addition, the collisions were caused by the human drivers. Each accident also occurred at low rates of speed and were usually rear-end collisions.

Self-Driving Cars and Liability

Given that humans will soon share the roads with self-driving cars, the question of liability must be considered. At this stage, there are but a few states addressing the legal side of self-driving cars. Nevada was the first, followed by fifteen others. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have yet to do so.

Future issues of liability regarding self-driving cars aside, current liability laws apply. Under current law, if a driver is responsible for causing harm to another, the driver is liable. If a car malfunctions, the manufacturer may be held responsible. The key is proving responsibility. As with any car accident, it is wise to take numerous photos and collect statements from any witnesses.

Camden Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Advocate for Victims of Car Accidents in South Jersey

Camden car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law are watching this developing situation closely. We understand that when an injury has occurred, you suffer loss. We know too that when the car accident was caused by another, even a self-driving car, recovering monetary damages is important. Loss of work, pain and suffering, medical costs, and more must be paid.

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