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Camden Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Smart Road Technology and Improved Safety

May 06, 2017

Camden Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Smart Road Technology and Improved SafetyThe development of smarter cars has grown into an important race for automobile manufacturers over the past few years, with better technology designed to make driving easier and safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. One important transition toward smarter cars is the concept of the self-driving or computer-assisted vehicle, which can operate either independently of a driver, or enhance the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. With thousands of deaths each year caused by auto accidents, it is no surprise that safer cars are a goal for auto manufacturers worldwide.

Part of the difficulty of getting smart cars into the mainstream is the way they receive data; different models and locations having significant differences in what they need and how they get it. One solution to this issue proposed by engineers is the smart road – that is, roadways that can transmit data to intelligent vehicles which in turn lets the car know how it should operate. These smart roads would be able to let electronically-guided vehicles know how close a distance they can maintain to other cars, the overall speed of traffic on the road, and avoid collisions. According to the Wall Street Journal, this would save fuel by preventing stop and go traffic, prevent accidents and stoppages, and increase the capacity of roads without needing to add lanes.

The Future of Smart Roads

Currently, only a few roads in the United States use smart road technology. Many are pressuring White House officials to expand infrastructure, though skeptics are concerned that this may lead to for-profit constructions of toll roads for citizens that want to take advantage of the new tech. Michigan recently became the first state to allow driverless cars on roads, and companies have flocked to the Midwestern state to put their vehicles to the test. Many specifics remain unregulated for the industry, with major innovators such as Google and Uber being responsible for shaping the way smart roads will be implemented.

The major concern behind smart roads, however, is cost. With many roads in the United States in dire need of better regular maintenance, room for improving them with smart technology can seem limited in state budgets. It is still a matter of debate whether and to what extent federal funding will contribute to installing smart roads, though a recent quote from officials in Columbus, Ohio suggested that Route 33 will become something of a proving ground for the technology. The relationship that develops between tech giants and auto manufacturers could very well change the face of the way we use our cars, and improve safety and efficiency across the country.

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