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Camden Truck Accident Lawyers Report on Electronic Trucker Logs

October 15, 2015

Throughout the country, each day there are hundreds of large trucks on the road alongside daily commuters. This makes safety for the trucking industry a top priority, as it affects both the truckers, who are known for being tired and overworked, along with the general public. Over the years, the industry at large has made claims that they are becoming safer both for the sake of truckers as well as other motorists.

A regular issue faced by the trucking industry is ensuring that truckers are properly adhering to the rules of the road. Some of the new rules in place require truckers to use electronic loggers, rather than paper and pencils, to log hours spent on the road. Electronic records allow more accurate reporting for hours truckers spend on the road as well as documentation regarding required breaks.

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents. One of the biggest problems the industry faces is falsified records that misrepresent how many hours drivers actually work. The electronic logs will eliminate that problem and more accurately represent true hours of service.

Federal agencies are also pushing a device that will limit top speeds in all commercial truckers. This device will prevent truckers from driving over a certain rate of speed, which will hopefully reduce the amount of truck accidents each year. Of course, this does not come without its own set of challenges. When truck speed is limited and automobile speed is not, car drivers can become overly aggressive as they attempt to pass slow-moving trucks.

The electronic logging devices offer good news from an insurance standpoint, as well. When accidents occur, the blame is almost always placed on the truck driver or the trucking company. Electronic data can help prove when a driver adhered to federal regulations and how they may not be responsible for the accident.

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