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Camden Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Dental Injuries Resulting from a Slip or Fall

June 07, 2017

Camden Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Dental Injuries Resulting from a Slip or Fall

A slip and fall accident can cause serious injuries. Broken limbs and traumatic brain injuries are two types of serious injury that can result from a slip or trip and fall, but they are not the only ones. When the victim falls and hits their face, they can also suffer injuries to their teeth and jaw.

Repairing a dental injury can be expensive. If the victim does not have dental insurance, or if the operation is not covered by their dental insurance, this can mean thousands of dollars in dental work. Victims in this position can seek compensation for their financial damages following slips and falls through personal injury claims.

Dental Injuries and the Long-Term Impact on a Victim’s Health and Life

Examples of dental injuries that can result from a slip and fall include:

  • Broken teeth
  • Loosened or lost teeth
  • Broken or dislocated jaw

Damage to the teeth, jaw, or cheekbones can alter a victim’s facial structure. In some cases, this can be repaired with cosmetic surgery. In others, the damage is permanent.

Other repercussions of a dental injury can include severe pain, bleeding, and emotional trauma following the accident. Cosmetic surgery is not the only type of surgery a victim could need after a slip or fall – corrective surgery to repair broken bones or replace teeth may be necessary.

Seeking Compensation for Dental Injury Damages

Following a slip and fall accident, the victim can seek compensation for any financial damages they suffered as a result of the injury. This includes, but is not limited to, their medical bills. The victim can also seek compensation for the wages they lost by having to leave work to recover. In cases where the victim suffers losses outside these categories, such as emotional trauma, they can also seek compensation for these damages. For example, a victim who suffers emotional trauma following an accident may seek compensation for the cost of psychological counseling to overcome the trauma.

To recover compensation through a premises liability claim, the victim must provide evidence to demonstrate that the accident occurred because of another party’s negligence and that the accident directly caused their injury and its resulting financial damages. Slip and fall accidents typically occur because of poorly maintained structures and outdoor areas, such as wet floors and broken staircases. A victim may need to provide photographs or written testimony from witnesses to demonstrate that the accident resulted from a dangerous condition that the owner or manager of the property should have taken reasonable care to remove. Other evidence to submit with their claim includes a copy of their medical bill, comments from their doctor about their recovery needs and prognosis, and documentation showing their lost wages, such as pay stubs and documentation of their leave of absence from work.

Camden Slip and Fall Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help Injured Victims Seek Compensation for Dental Injuries and Other Damages

A slip or fall can leave a victim injured in many ways. These injuries often have financial repercussions for the victim, for which they can file a premises liability claim to seek compensation. To learn how we can help you, complete our online contact form or call 856-414-0010 to schedule your initial consultation with a Camden slip and fall lawyer at DiTomaso Law. We are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey serving clients in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

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