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Camden Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Hazards in the Educational Sector

February 23, 2017

Camden Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Hazards in the Educational Sector

Schools and college campuses are a place where people of all ages come together in many different settings. There are students, teachers, staff, and visitors using parking lots, playgrounds, sports facilities, cafeterias, and sometimes even swimming pools. Much of the population of the school moves about during scheduled class changes. In other words, large numbers of people are moving through limited areas at the same time, which greatly increases the risk of slip and fall accidents. Something that seems minor, like slipping in the cafeteria, can lead to a broken bone, which can lead to a deadly blood clot.

Fortunately, with preventative measures, the risks of a slip and fall in the educational setting can be minimized. It is ideal that an institution takes a “whole school” approach, involving teachers, students, and staff, also taking into consideration any disabled members of the population, as well as visitors to campus. Prevention can even be integrated into the curriculum during the school year. Most preventative measures are simple, low cost, and easy to implement.

Indoor Areas

Kitchen/Cafeteria – A great number of slip and fall accidents occur in this area. Slip resistant flooring can be used to reduce the probability of slipping. Use of proper cleaning solutions will cut down on grease and oil related slips while maintaining the slip resistant surface. Any floors wet from cleaning need to be marked with cones until dry.

Pool/Locker room – Here the same measures are applicable. Non slip flooring and mats or grids in shower areas help to drain water away quickly. Handles should be installed for people with disabilities and “no running” signs should be displayed.

Stairwells/Hallways – Foot traffic should be controlled with staggered class times and designated up and down stairs to regulate the flow of students. Any flooring that may become slippery when wet shoes are introduced should be treated with an anti-slip coating. Lighting should be adequate with any bulbs in disrepair replaced immediately to avoid slips and falls in dimly lit corridors.

Outdoor Areas

Parking Lots – Parking facilities should be clean and even, and without potholes or debris. Good lighting will ensure steady footing. Hand rails should be installed where appropriate. Procedures should be in place and followed for the safe removal of snow and ice.

Entrances/Exits – Use of appropriately sized canopies can reduce the amount of rain water that collects where students and staff enter the buildings. Water retaining floor mats inside and outside entranceways will get rid of water, mud, and debris that contribute to slick surfaces when tracked inside. If the mats become soaked they should be removed and replaced. Any level changes in doorways should be marked to avoid tripping.

Playgrounds/Sports fields – These surfaces should be level to avoid pooling of water. Any water accumulation should be removed. Users need to be reminded to use proper footwear for safe use of the facilities. Mud, debris, and algae buildup should be regularly cleaned off so that surfaces do not become slick.

With proper planning, any educational institution can eliminate the biggest sources of slip and fall accidents and be a safe place for students, staff, and visitors.

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