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Car Systems that Save Lives

August 16, 2019

Car Systems that Save Lives

Advanced car safety systems are becoming more common in new automobile models. Data from a new driver survey shows that significant numbers of car owners attest in their own words how these systems specifically prevented accidents and injury on the road. Consumer Reports conducted a survey to further explore consumer feedback on the implementation of car safety systems, such as automatic braking and collision warnings. Testing and product data already show that these systems reduce the risk of accidents when used properly, but now drivers themselves have anecdotal evidence to add to the research.

Types of Systems

Advanced car safety systems consist of a variety of technologies that assist the driver and take over or provide alerts about obstacles or potential collisions. One of the most well-known is the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system. AEB systems are used in combination with a forward collision warning (FCW). FCWs provide a visual, audible, or tactile warning, such as a chime, dashboard alert, or seat vibration when a vehicle or other obstacle, such as a pedestrian or animal, is in the road. If the driver does not respond quickly, the AEB system takes over. These systems can prevent or reduce the severity of the collision.

They are not yet installed in all vehicles, but 48 percent of model years beginning in 2019 had them as standard features, and data showed that they had 50 percent fewer rear-end collisions. Consumer anecdotes attest to this benefit, with drivers reporting incidents where the AEB system activated in time to avoid the other vehicle.

Blind spot warning (BSW) systems are another feature where drivers expressed strong satisfaction. These systems help with difficulty in seeing an adjacent car and provide visual and audible alerts to the driver before changing lanes. The best systems, according to Consumer Reports, are those that not only show a visual alert but have a warning chime as well.

Other car safety systems with significant driver satisfaction are the lane keeping assist (LKA) and lane departure warning (LDW) systems. These systems automatically steer a car when they sense the driver is drifting outside lane markings and also provide alerts. They require the driver to have both hands on the wheel. Finally, rear cross traffic warnings utilize rear cameras, which are already mandatory on all new U.S built vehicles and use the camera to alert drivers to approaching vehicles.

Advanced car safety systems are a critical improvement in reducing car accidents and fatalities, which still occur in high numbers on U.S. roads. A car accident can be a major life-changing event that can cause long-term health effects, as well as financial burdens for those involved. When involved in a car accident, it is strongly recommended to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer to know your rights and ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation and medical care.

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