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How Does Car Technology Reduce Accidents?

December 27, 2019

How Does Car Technology Reduce Accidents?

Even though the World Health Organization reported that close to six million people in this country lose their lives in fatal car accidents each year, there is some room for optimism. U.S. Department of Transportation data revealed that there was a 1.8 percent decrease in auto crash fatalities from 2016 to 2017, causing many to believe that car accidents are decreasing. Reasons for this include the awareness of the dangers of texting and driving and the knowledge of car technology.

Experienced car buyers know that one of the most important features to look for in a new vehicle is safety technology. There have been substantial advancements these past decades and the new improvements have made great strides toward preventing car accidents. Everyone looking for a new vehicle should research the safety features before buying or leasing.

Advanced Warning Systems

Vehicles designed with warning systems that detect lane departures and forward collisions can save lives. Lane departure warnings alert drivers when they detect that the vehicle is wandering into another lane. This is done through vibration, sound, and visual warnings. Forward collision avoidance systems help avoid rear-end collisions, which alert drivers that there is not adequate distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front.

Anti-Lock and Emergency Braking

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) restore traction to tires, helping drivers steer in emergencies. This helps the wheels from locking, but it may not shorten the actual stopping distance. Emergency braking systems use sensors to track vehicles in front and will slam the brakes to prevent an impending crash. They can sense a stopped vehicle or slow-moving traffic and apply the brakes if the driver does not react within an appropriate amount of time. This cannot prevent all collisions but can reduce the severity of the accident.

Stability, Blind Spots, and Headlights

Electronic stability control is useful on slippery roads and can prevent cars from sliding out of control. It uses traction control and can help steer the vehicle away from potential danger. Blind spot detectors use radar sensors and cameras to provide visual and sound alerts to let drivers know that other vehicles are in their blind spots.

Adaptive headlights are especially useful when it is dark outside because they are designed to turn with the steering wheel. It is an important feature in the car for safely driving at night. The headlights will shine consistently when the car is on so drivers can see more clearly.

Safe Driver Assistant and Bluetooth

One safety feature now available is the safe driver assistant, which uses an advanced machine/human interface. It can alert drivers if they are approaching curves too quickly, speeding, or if there is an obstacle ahead. They also use visual and audio aids to help with parallel parking and reversing. It can also detect crossing cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. It is always best to avoid cell phone use while driving, but the Bluetooth feature in cars allows drivers to use their cell phones hands-free.

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