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Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Car Crashes Involving Bicycles

April 10, 2015

The warmth of the spring weather is almost upon us.  This brings many people outdoors after being cooped up in the house all winter to enjoy activities such as walking, running, and riding bicycles.  Following safety precautions such as the protective gear needed while taking part in these activities has become common knowledge to most.  What is not commonly known is how to handle a bicycle accident should you be hit by a car while cycling.

There are two types of common accidents that can occur between a bike and a car.  The first is when a car makes a left turn into the path of the oncoming cyclist.  The second happens when a cyclist is driving along side of traffic in the bike lane and a car makes a right turn directly into the cyclist. Often motorists do not see cyclists if they are driving distracted, drowsy driving, or driving in dangerous conditions.

When a car collides with a bicycle, the bicyclist often suffers serious injuries in addition to damages to their bicycle.  However, many times a cyclist may think they feel fine from the adrenaline rush of the accident but this is all too often not the case.  There are important steps to follow no matter how minimal your personal injuries may seem.

Steps to Take after a Bicycle Accident

After a bicycle accident, it is highly recommended to call the police and establish an accident report to keep information consistent in the event an insurance claim has to be made. Just like being involved in a car accident, be sure to exchange information such as name, phone number and insurance information with all those involved.  If there are any witnesses, try to obtain their information as well.

Even if injuries from the bicycle accident are not apparent, it is wise to go to the emergency department to get checked out.  Being hit by a car while on a bicycle can be devastating and you may not be thinking clearly. Motor vehicle insurance or personal injury protection is normally responsible for payment for the visit no matter who is at fault, but this varies by state.  If necessary, the cyclist’s personal injury automobile protection is used and as a last resort, the cyclist’s own health insurance.

Be sure to assess the damage to the bicycle.  If it is determined that the motorist was at fault, then their insurance company will be responsible for damages of the bicycle.  A reputable bicycle dealer will be able to assess all damages.  If the bicycle is deemed unsafe, written documentation of the bike being a total loss is most helpful.

Sometimes, insurance adjusters need additional information to determine the value of the bicycle, similar to a car or truck appraisal needed in a car accident. Craigslist, EBay and the bicycle shop are good resources to help determine the bike’s fair market value.

Cherry Hill Personal Injury Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Advocate for Victims of Bicycle Accidents in New Jersey

If you or a loved one has been injured by a car while riding a bicycle, the Cherry Hill car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law have the experience and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve. We offer clients a lower contingency fee than many other personal injury lawyers in Cherry Hill.  Call us for a confidential consultation at 856-414-0010 or use our online contact form.  We have two convenient locations in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serving clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, Camden County, Cherry Hill, and Mount Holly.

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