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Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Dangers of Car Seat Back Collapses

January 20, 2017

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Dangers of Car Seat Back Collapses

Three lawmakers want to know why the dangers of car seat back collapses are not being addressed by auto makers. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal and Representative Diana DeGette want to know why auto manufacturers and the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) are not acknowledging and correcting front row vehicle seats that can potentially collapse in rear-end car accidents, possibly injuring or killing passengers in the back seat. Front row passengers can suffer severe spinal injuries when they are flung backwards after a seat collapse.

A CBS News investigation uncovered more than 100 car accidents wherein passengers were seriously or fatally injured when front row seats collapsed upon them during the crash. Most of the victims are children, including one 16-month-old child who was fatally injured when her father’s seat collapsed on her during a crash. The father and several members of Congress vow to obtain answers as to why consumers do not know about this danger and why it is not being rectified – especially when automakers acknowledge the modification that would make seat backs safer would cost as little as $1.00.

Federal Safety Standards Must Be Updated

Auto makers say their seat backs meet all federal safety standards. But safety advocates argue that those regulations were adopted in 1972 and revisions are long overdue. Part of the reason more is not being done to make the public aware of the danger of seat back collisions is because only around 100 such car accidents are recorded.

Although auto makers are required by law to report any accident involving a seat collapse, they do not seem to be complying. For parents of children injured by this preventable accident, such disregard for public safety is unacceptable. Parents choosing vehicles they believe to be the safest for their growing families may not even be aware of the danger posed by seats capable of collapse. Drivers without second row passengers are equally at risk in the event of a seat collapse. Congress has asked NHTSA and automakers why more is not being done. For now, they still wait for those answers.

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