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Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Keeping your Teen Driver Safe

June 03, 2015

For most parents handing over the car keys to their teenager can be both a freeing experience, and a very scary one.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), over 2,500 teens were fatally injured in car accidents in 2013. Two out of three teen driver fatalities were male drivers.  Safety advocates believe that a combination of parental, public, and tech savvy companies offer the best defense to ensure driver safety and reduce teen driver car accidents and fatalities.

Many states have tiered licensing for new drivers, restricted permits, and intermediate and full licensing. Teens can begin the driver license process at ages 14 to 16, with most states requiring a minimum number of hours to be driven with an experienced driver.  Moreover, a majority of states have curfews assigned for night time hours and restrict the number of teen passengers allowed in the vehicle.

Teen car accidents in New Jersey dropped ten percent upon the implementation of requiring learners and intermediate licensees to display a reflective decal on the license plate. New Jersey is the only state that requires this practice which helps law enforcement identify novice drivers.

Educational Resources for New Teen Drivers and Parents

Parent involvement is the first line of defense in teaching new teens to drive safely and prepare for the unexpected.  The use of driving schools, especially those with high tech simulators, are worthwhile investments in driving and life skills.  Although some states mandate driving school hours, many public school budget cuts have eliminated driving courses.

Doug Herbert, a professional race car driver and a parent, believes that driving schools alone are ineffective in teaching teens to drive safely.  After he lost both of his teen sons in a fatal car accident, Herbert took action to help other parents better prepare their novice drivers.  He started to help educate parents and teens.

Another resource for improved driving skills for teens is, which was created in 2003.  It offers free driving clinics across the country with a host of experienced race car drivers, stunt drivers, and professional drivers that teach more skills than an ordinary driving school. and are other teen driver online resources available to parents.

Safety Features to Decrease Teen Driving Accidents

A study done by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) found that 50% of teens involved in car accidents were not wearing their seat belts.  New technology, such as Ford’s My Key program, offers safety features such as keeping the radio muted until the seat belt is fastened, and allows for parents to control the top speed of the car. Professionals advise parents to purchase cars for their teens with safety features such as air bags and electronic stability control at the very minimum.

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