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Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers: Mandatory Automatic Braking Systems

March 22, 2016

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that automatic braking systems (ABS) for all passenger cars will be mandated as of 2022. Every year there are about 1.7 million rear-end crashes in the U.S., resulting in over 200 fatalities, 400,000 injuries and costing $47 billion dollars. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 50 percent of these car accidents could be prevented by using automatic braking technology or systems that warn drivers of an impending collision.

When faced with a collision, this technology intervenes to apply breaks rather than waiting for the driver to brake manually. Advocates claim it is the most important modern safety technology available that is not already required. Automatic braking is currently available in dozens of models, but only as an expensive add-on option on higher-end vehicles. For example, Subaru offers it as part of a safety package costing approximately $3,000 in its Impreza sedans. Some insurance companies offer discounts if your vehicle has automatic breaking.

Interest Groups Disagree on Adoption of this Important Safety Technology

The NHTSA held meetings with 16 automakers, two auto industry trade groups, The Insurance Institute and regulators from the Canadian government’s auto safety regulator. Meeting minutes indicate that the government is considering conceding a lot of ground to automakers on key safety issues. The NHTSA recommended that automatic braking systems are made standard in all new cars, which will be the case with approximately 99% of new vehicles adopting the technology by 2022.

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Get Justice for Victims Injured in Car Accidents

The unfortunate reality is that automakers often put profits ahead of driver safety, and the government does not always regulate the industry as stringently as it should. If you have been hurt in a car accident, the dedicated Cherry Hill car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law can help you recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call us at 1-856-351-5223.

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