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New Jersey and Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Take Precautions this Halloween

October 20, 2015

Before we know it, trick-or-treaters will be ringing doorbells around neighborhoods and towns looking to receive candy and other treats. Although Halloween will prove to be a fun-filled night for thousands of people, it also comes with potential dangers. In order to stay safe, certain precautions should be taken before walking amidst the goblins and ghouls.

It is important for trick-or-treaters to wear costumes that are well-fitting. Outfits that are too long can cause a trip and fall accident. Masks can obstruct vision, so it is a good idea to wear makeup or face paint instead. Decorating children’s bags and costumes with reflective tape will make it easier for motorists to spot pedestrians moving along the streets.

Children under 12 should always stay with adults. Teens should travel in groups and remain in areas that are familiar to them. Cell phone use should be kept to a minimum when moving from house to house since many accidents can happen when people are distracted while walking. It is always a good idea to carry flashlights and avoid houses that seem too dark or empty.

Drivers need to take extra precautions on Halloween, as well. Motorists should be on high alert and take time to look for children along roads and in intersections. Traveling at lower rates of speed will also help reduce the risk of a car accident.

Those who decorate their homes to welcome trick-or-treaters should be mindful when designating paths and decorating doorways. It is important that all walkways are clear so that visitors do not trip when running up to receive candy. Lit candles should be kept contained and placed in areas that are away from walkers and traffic to reduce the risk of a fire.

Getting injured can turn a great time into a tragedy causing people to experience real-life horror stories, so be careful and take precautions when celebrating Halloween this year.  

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