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Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers Warn Co-Ops and Condos are Prime Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

March 02, 2015

Habitat Magazine recently published an article covering the most common areas board members and property managers of co-ops and condos should be aware of in terms of slip and fall accident prevention. With some basic policies and routine maintenance procedures in place, property owners can help to ensure the safety of their residents and guests.

Slip and Fall Accidents Outside

Exterior areas of properties are more prone to accidents as the outside of the building, mainly sidewalks, are frequented by tenants and non-residents.  Building owners can be held liable for slip and fall accidents that take place on the property’s sidewalks even though they do not technically own the sidewalk.

Uneven sidewalks are one of the most common risk factors for slip and fall injuries.  Tree roots are often to blame for causing parts of a sidewalk to be raised.  Tree roots need to be trimmed and surrounded by cement flags or an apron made of bricks, or ground down to create a level surface.

Exterior slip and fall injuries can also be caused by snow and ice on sidewalks which present hazardous conditions for pedestrians.  There are several steps that should be taken to properly maintain walkways during inclement weather.

  1. Property owners should keep a log of when workers shoveled snow or removed ice to show proper and timely care.
  2. Warning signs should be displayed to alert pedestrians of the slippery conditions.
  3. During bad weather, removal of snow and/or ice should occur on a regular basis, not only when the storm is over.

Slip and Fall Accidents Inside

There are three main areas of concern for interior slip and fall injuries.  The first is wet floors.  Rain mats or runners should be laid on bare floors during inclement weather.  Worn or poorly laid carpets can also become slippery when wet creating a slip and fall danger.  Building staff members need to ensure the floors are kept as dry as possible to ensure the safety of the building’s residents and visitors.

Another common cause of slip and fall injuries inside is dangerous floor coverings.  Area rugs, loose carpet and runners should be secured to the floor with specifically designed carpet tape.  These rugs should have “feathered” edges.  This means that the surface of the carpet gradually lowers at the edges and is edged with a rubber border.  This type of carpet or mat reduces the chance of an edge sticking up and causing a slip and fall accident.

Another area of concern for slip and fall injuries is slippery pool areas.  There are certain conditions that must be in place to protect the property owner and the residents.  All pool guests must sign a waiver acknowledging the dangers inherent to pools, including slippery deck surfaces.  Moreover, children may only use the pool area if accompanied by a parent or guardian and lifeguards must be on duty during all pool hours.

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