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Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers: Slip and Fall Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

January 06, 2017

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers: Slip and Fall Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

Slip and fall accidents are second only to car accidents as the cause of accidental fatalities in the U.S. Slip and fall accidents lead to a staggering 15 percent of all accidental fatalities across the country. The facts are that slip and fall accidents happen just about anywhere and more importantly – most are preventable.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Home and at Work

At home, approximately half of all accidental fatalities are caused by slip and fall accidents. One-third of people over the age of 65 will fall in their home. That percentage increases with every decade of life. With age, we grow weaker and less steady on our feet. Our vision and balance decline, making slip and fall accidents more likely. Those accidents cause injuries including lacerations, fractures, and head injuries. Fall accidents can be prevented with better lighting, sturdy handrails, and well-maintained floors and stairs.

Workplace slip and fall accidents account for 60 percent of all slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents account for the majority of reported workplace injuries. Workplace slip and fall accidents are often caused by wet surfaces, debris or other hazards on the ground, uneven or broken steps, missing handrails, improper worker footwear, and poor staff training. Falls are the most common reason for missed time at work.

Slip and fall accidents also happen in places outside of work and home including stores, restaurants, theaters, parks, and hospitals. In all of these places, poorly maintained walkways, untreated spills, and owner or operator negligence play a part in slip and fall accidents and injuries.

Premises liability laws exist to hold property owners accountable for the safety and maintenance of their space. When property owners and non-owner residents fail to provide a safe environment for visitors, they can be held accountable for injuries caused by their negligence. In some cases, property owners may not be aware that a potential hazard exists. However, if an owner is aware of a hazard like a wet floor, broken sidewalk, or icy steps, and does nothing to remedy it, the victim can file a slip and fall claim against them.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Fight for Slip and Fall Victims

 Slip and fall accidents are largely preventable. Victims seriously injured in slip and fall accidents caused by a property owner’s carelessness deserve compensation for their medical treatment and recovery. At DiTomaso Law, we are experienced in handling premises law cases for slip and fall accident victims. Our Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve. With offices in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Center City Philadelphia, we take on the toughest cases throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Call our offices at 856-414-0010 or contact us online to begin.

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