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Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers: Store Hazards This Holiday Season

November 15, 2016

Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers discuss slip and fall injuries and store hazards over the holidays.The holiday season is upon us, and for most people, that means it is time to hit the malls and buy gifts for loved ones. When a person goes out shopping, they never expect to suffer an injury in a store or parking lot. “Shopping injuries” as they are known are injuries sustained due to shopping carts tipping over; trampling by large, unruly crowds in stores; poorly-maintained parking lots; slips and falls due to wet floors, torn carpets, or poor lighting; and injuries involving retail shelves or displays. When a preventable injury occurs because of a store owner or manager’s failure to safely maintain the premises of the store, the owner may be liable for the victim’s damages. This legal concept is known as premises liability.

Determining Premises Liability in Retail Stores

Store owners have the responsibility of taking reasonable steps to prevent injuries to customers in their stores. Determining whether an injury could have been prevented if a store owner had exercised a reasonable level of caution is key to determining whether the store owner may be held liable for a victim’s damages.

A store owner must take care to prevent injuries in the ways listed below.

  • Shelves and displays must be secure
  • Liquid spills must be properly cleaned up as soon as possible
  • All exits must be clearly marked and viable when customers are in the store
  • Broken tiles, steps, and torn carpeting must be repaired as soon as possible and if customers are in the store before such hazards can be repaired, notify consumers of the hazard with conspicuous yellow caution tape
  • Cleaning the store thoroughly and regularly to remove clutter, dirt, and debris
  • Making sure all areas are brightly lit and that if a light bulb goes out, it is replaced promptly

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Can Help You Seek Compensation for Damages Suffered in a Slip or Fall in a Retail Store

If you are injured because a store owner or manager failed to properly maintain the shop’s premises, you may be entitled to compensation. After you have received appropriate medical care for your injury, contact DiTomaso Law to discuss your claim with our Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers. Complete our online form or call us at 846-414-0010 to get started. We proudly represent clients from Philadelphia and South Jersey.

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