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Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Methods of Reducing Liability in Winter

February 10, 2017

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers Discuss Methods of Reducing Liability in Winter

The ice and snow that come with cold weather can be a huge cost to employers and property owners everywhere. Annually, slips related to hazardous winter weather conditions account for 30 percent of all slip and fall injury claims. Considering the narrow window in which such winter weather slip and fall cases take place, the risk created by ice and snow is extremely high. The best way to reduce liability is to take steps in stopping the slip and fall accidents from happening. There are a variety of actions to take in order to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Take Care of Ice and Existing Leaks

First and most obviously, it is important to ensure that all ice is clear from areas where it can be a hazard. After clearing out snow, it can be easy to overlook ice. This can lead to a slip and fall later. The method of clearing ice must be chosen wisely and timed well; the slippery melted ice can be a hazard in and of itself.

In addition, the premises should be carefully checked for leaks prior to winter weather situations. Leaking pipes or other sources of water can be an easily-missed source of ice. If a leak is found and cannot be fixed, the location should at least be marked as potentially slippery in order to reduce liability in the case of a slip and fall accident. Additionally, frozen pipes can lead to bursts and other, similar dangers.

Caution Signs

One important thing to understand about reducing liability in winter weather is the need to invest time and resources to keep a premises safe to avoid a slip and fall accident. With that in mind, it is important to invest in caution signs. These signs should warn employees and visitors to use caution and watch for ice, thus reducing liability. They should be placed on any frequently traveled pathway leading into or out of the premises.

A simple and easy way to reduce liability in winter weather slip and falls is to immediately take care of snow and ice removal to remove the risk of liability in a premises liability claim.

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