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Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers: New Technology to Reduce Truck Accidents

April 25, 2016

Nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck behind a truck and not knowing whether or not it is safe to pass. Due to the large number of trucks driving on roads and highways each day throughout the country, and especially in New Jersey, truck accidents occur daily. Since many of these accidents result in either serious injury or death, finding new ways to prevent truck accidents is an incentive for the trucking industry, safety advocates and governmental agencies alike.

A new technology called “Safety Truck,” which was created by Samsun, may have the potential to saves lives by preventing truck accidents. The technology can be especially helpful for motorists who find themselves trailing a truck or tractor trailer because of the increased visibility the technology allows them. Many trucking accidents are caused due to the lack of visibility for motorists driving behind large trucks. A driver may try to pass a truck and, because they cannot see, hit another vehicle or other object.

The new technology places a camera on the front of large trucks that then provides a live stream image on four different screens that are located on the back of the truck. These screens provide images to trailing drivers of areas that they otherwise cannot see and so a car that may make a dangerous pass can decide to wait until it is safe.

The technology was developed and tested on trucks in Argentina because of the high rate of traffic accidents and fatalities in the country. “Safety Truck” has not come to the United States yet, however, and the concept has not been very well received either. Some safety advocates believe that there may be better attempts to improve safety efforts than in this particular area. Additionally, others in the safety field think that there is a high probability that the technology will serve as more of a driver distraction rather than a way to combat truck accidents. Finally, self-driving cars are supposed to hit the road somewhat soon and safety advocates believe that they could be the best way to prevent unsafe driving behaviors.

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