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Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers: New Technology

February 17, 2017

Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers: New Technology

In any personal injury claim, the quality of the evidence provided to support the claim plays a key role in whether it is accepted and settled fairly or not. This is why it is so important that you take the time to gather pieces of evidence like photographs, contact information for eyewitnesses, and other important pieces of evidence following a collision. Without this evidence, it can be impossible to prove that you were injured because of a negligent driver’s actions. This is true for all types of accident claims, such as car accidents, truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

But these are not the only types of evidence that claimants can use to support their allegations of negligence. Video surveillance has become much more widespread in recent years, and when an accident is captured on video, the video can provide crucial evidence to an injured claimant. Conversely, video surveillance can be used to refute an allegation of negligence, and many truck drivers today are equipping their trucks with small cameras for precisely this reason.

SmartDrive Cameras Record the Driver and the Road

Small digital cameras, known as SmartDrive cameras, can be installed in tractor trailers and can record both the driver and the truck’s exterior. Many trucking companies have adopted this technology in their trucks to protect their drivers from negligence claims. When an individual claiming to have been injured in a collision with a truck files a personal injury claim with one of these companies’ insurance providers, the company can review the footage from the alleged accident to determine whether the truck driver did, in fact, collide with the individual’s vehicle, and if so, if the driver was completely at fault for the collision. In many cases, multiple factors cause a truck accident to occur, such as multiple drivers’ negligence or negligence combined with adverse weather conditions.

In many truck accident cases, the truck driver is automatically assumed to be at fault because of the size, power, and relative limitations of the truck. Cameras like SmartDrive cameras have the potential to provide critical evidence in truck accident claims.

Other technology that could play a role in proving negligence in truck accident claims includes electronic driver logs to show how long drivers spend behind the wheel and devices that monitor trucks’ speed and following distance. Currently, truck drivers are only permitted to drive for 11 hours within a 14-hour window each day.

Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Can Help You Utilize All Available Evidence in Your Personal Injury Claim

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