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Construction Fatalities

July 28, 2017

Construction Fatalities

Construction accidents continue to cause serious injuries due to lack of communication and safety precautions in place. Recently, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) released a 30-page report on fatal work injuries within the construction industry. The report was published to educate industry professionals and encourage them to implement proper safety standards and thus reduce the number of construction fatalities.

Data showed that smaller workplaces, those with fewer than nine employees, had the highest rate of fatalities at 47 percent. Most of the accidents occurred in the morning hours before noon, and many were caused by unsafe vehicular operation. Surprisingly, the number of deaths due to fires and harmful substances decreased, while fatalities attributable to animals, workplace violence, and transportation increased. One quarter of the victims were Hispanic which contradicts previous findings that Hispanics have a higher workplace fatality percentage than other ethnic groups.

The highest number of deaths occurred in southern states, where 46 percent, or 17 deaths per 100,000 employees happened. Most fatalities occurred during summer months, with winter months only accounting for 5 percent of accidents. Many of these incidents happened Monday thru Thursday, and more than half of them happened at specialty trade jobs. Falls accounted for one-third of fatal work accidents. There were 2,338 construction fatalities that occurred between 2010-2012, or 17 percent out of all industries.

Using the Data to Reduce Construction Fatalities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the AGC recommend several solutions to help reduce the number of workplace deaths. Subcontractors should work closely with contractors to ensure they are adhering to all safety procedures. Seasonal safety measures should also be put in place. Workers should practice having a buddy in summer as well to help safeguard each other and monitor for signs of heat stress illness. Workers over 65 should be reassigned field projects due to greater risk of injury or death. Because falls are one of the most common types of fatal work accidents, the AGC recommends thorough design evaluations. A large increase of safety precautions is needed to further reduce the number of construction fatalities.

Every year, over 9 million construction workers are injured in construction accidents in the United States. These injuries can be debilitating and inflict long term pain and suffering to the victims and their families. Many different parties can be held responsible for construction accidents. A qualified Philadelphia construction accident lawyer can help you determine if you can recover additional compensation on top of Workers’ Compensation benefits by filing a third-party liability claim.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Handle Cases Involving Construction Fatalities

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