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Crash Scene Investigators Improve Vehicle Safety

July 11, 2019

Crash Scene Investigators Improve Vehicle Safety

A growing trend shows that several car manufacturers employ their own crash scene investigators to gather information on accidents involving their vehicles. Volvo sparked the trend more than 40 years ago, and other manufacturers including Honda, Subaru, and Tesla followed suit to improve vehicle safety. Although the companies may conduct their accident investigations in different ways, the aim for each company is to troubleshoot problems and learn how they can make their future line of vehicles safer in the event of a crash.

What Can Crash Scene Investigators Do?

When a crash occurs, the car company’s crash scene crew arrives to investigate. They wait until the first responders and law enforcement officials assess the situation, tend to victims and the crash site, and complete their investigations. The investigators then inspect the vehicles, photograph the crash, and take various measurements. In some instances, the crew may take the cars to examine them further. Additionally, they interview the occupants of the vehicle involved in the accident for more information.

Some companies dive deeper into the investigation by using advanced software that recreates the crash. By viewing the simulated crash, the investigators gather more specific information regarding impact points, use of seat belts, deployed restraint systems, level of injuries, and location of the accident. One company uses around 3,000 points of information to piece together the puzzle of the crash, which ranges from the weather conditions to how the car and every computerized system contained in the vehicle operated during the accident, as well as the layout and conditions of the road, and surrounding areas of the crash site.

How is the Collection of Accident Data Used?

Collecting accident data provides useful information to manufacturers when improving vehicle safety. By studying what occurs during a diverse amount of crashes, automakers compile the data and research what methods and technology could be implemented and developed.

The data acts like a springboard for manufacturers to create safety technology that protects car occupants. For example, one automaker created automatic emergency braking after being notified about crash data through the service department of the company. Another manufacturer implemented the use of side airbags while others developed headsets that reduce whiplash in specific accidents, such as T-bones. The auto emergency braking system reduces the number of crashes and the impact speed in rear-end accidents. Every time car manufacturers gather and analyze this type of information, it undoubtedly leads to improvements in the safety of cars to protect its occupants.

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