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How Dashboard Cameras Help in Car Accident Claims

November 19, 2018

Camden car accident lawyers fight for accident victims with dashboard camera footage.We have all seen viral videos of dashboard cameras in police vehicles capturing dramatic cases of speeding, road rage incidents, and devastating car accidents. Now, consumers concerned about traffic safety are also catching on by installing dashboard cameras in their personal vehicles.

Technological improvements and an increase in consumer sales mean that a dashboard camera with user-friendly features may be affordable for drivers. Currently, they range in price starting under $50 and higher-end models can include hours of recording time and even smart phone alerts for attempted vehicle break-ins. A wide view and capability to record in low light during night driving are useful features drivers should look for when purchasing a camera. The following are some reasons a dashboard camera may be protection for you as the driver in an unfortunate case of an accident.

Dashboard Cameras in Car Accidents

Serious injuries and fatalities can result from car accidents, causing untold stress and pain to those affected. Depending on the severity of injuries received, a car accident victim can require significant medical treatment, rehabilitation, and monetary compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering. Documentation of how an accident happened can help prove your claim and a dashboard camera may be one answer.

Fault is one part of a car accident claim that is not always straightforward. A dashboard camera may help show if another driver was at fault in the accident. For example, a driver cuts off your vehicle that results in an accident and it is captured on your dashboard camera. Camera footage might show if you were in a collision with a driver weaving erratically in and out of traffic or committing clear violations, such as running a red light.

Investigators for insurance companies consider a variety of factors in reviewing claims but more drivers are using dashboard cameras as extra assurance. In 2017, dashboard camera sales hit an all-time high of $23 billion, according to Market Reports World and are expected to increase yearly. Roadways in New Jersey are highly congested and being prepared in case of a car accident is important.

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