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Effects of Whiplash Injury

June 26, 2019

Effects of Whiplash Injury

Even minor car accidents can lead to costly medical injuries among drivers and passengers. Whiplash remains one of the most frequently diagnosed injury after rear-end accidents. Typically, those who report whiplash have been rear-ended, receiving the brunt of the strike force. In a recent study, more than 70 percent of minor rear-end accident victims who sought medical attention presented signs of whiplash.

Whiplash occurs when the head violently jolts from front to back, causing strain in the neck tissues, ligaments, muscles, vertebrae, spinal discs, and nerves. Because it is such a common complaint among victims, whiplash has grown synonymous with car accident injuries. However, whiplash also affects individuals involved in other high-force activities. During car accidents, whiplash can happen even when the colliding vehicles are moving at relatively slow speeds.

Effects of Whiplash

Aside from feeling tightness and discomfort in the neck and shoulders, car accident victims diagnosed with whiplash typically experience other symptoms as well. These side effects can involve dizziness, nerve damage, upper or lower back pain, headaches and migraines, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, sleep problems, memory issues, mobility loss, depression, and physical exhaustion.

Symptoms of whiplash do not necessarily present themselves immediately after a car accident. They often take a few days to manifest, usually coming to light within a week of an accident. For this reason, victims do not receive a whiplash diagnosis immediately from emergency medical personnel. Instead, they are diagnosed later at an urgent care facility or from a primary care physician.

Treatment of Whiplash

Depending upon how severe a case of whiplash is, physicians may recommend anything from over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to prescription pain pills to dull the discomfort. Other methods of treating whiplash include heat compresses, physical therapy, cervical collars, at-home exercises, and rest. In most cases, these treatments help alleviate immediate problems associated with whiplash.

Litigation and Whiplash

Those who suffer whiplash after car accidents turn to lawyers to help recover damages to pay for extensive costs related to treatment, management, and recovery. Whiplash can lead to high medical bills, lost time from work, inability to continue working, and emotional pain and suffering. Insurance carriers who represent at-fault drivers will not always offer a fair value to car accident victims. Therefore, talking to an experienced car accident attorney can be a way to recoup reasonable funds to pay for expenses and trauma.

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