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New Startup Permits Electronic Safety Inspections on Construction Sites

March 29, 2018

New Startup Permits Electronic Safety Inspections on Construction Sites

What if a construction site could be inspected by anyone from anywhere at any time? This could potentially limit safety violations and hazards on the site and prevent accidents and injuries to workers and the public. Philadelphia construction accident lawyers want employers to know that technology can help keep construction sites safer.

The construction industry uses less technology than other industries. This could change with new possibilities to perform inspections through technology, allowing stakeholders to view the construction site from anywhere and make suggestions for safety improvements.


Virtual inspection technology, OnSiteIQ, was recently presented at the BuiltWorlds Project Conference in Manhattan, and won second place in the NYC Startup Challenge. The technology produces a 3D panograph, which is a large wraparound digital image of the construction site. The panograph is collected twice a month by a data collector armed with a 360-degree camera that captures the images by walking through the construction site. The data is then uploaded to a platform mapped over the floor plan of the construction site using a computer vision algorithm, creating the panograph. The images are geolocalized and timestamped to allow users to see where the site is changing.

This technology would ultimately allow anyone to perform their own inspection remotely and provide information, such as missing guard rails or other safety risks present on the site. Additionally, an artificial intelligence system can also highlight potential safety problems on the site and further expedite the process. The service requires a monthly subscription to the website in addition to the necessary equipment. Users of the service can either focus on the documentation information or add the safety assessment technology to assist in detecting potential hazards.

This technology is crucial as, on average, there are three fatalities every day in the United States on construction sites. This does not factor in the number of injuries that also occur on these sites. This type of technology can reduce fatalities, injuries, and insurance costs associated with accidents.

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