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How to Eliminate Slip and Falls in Facilities

November 13, 2019

How to Eliminate Slip and Falls in Facilities

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. When businesses have a facility where there are high traffic areas, the key is reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. Facility managers can tackle this problem a few different ways. They can concentrate on reducing slip and fall accidents by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Using updated technology in floor coverings
  • Making informed choices about building materials
  • Choosing cleaning materials carefully
  • Ensuring that each day there is a person on-site dedicated to monitoring and resolving potentially hazardous conditions that may arise

Additionally, facility managers should concentrate on the following areas where slip and falls are more likely to occur.

  • Roof leaks: If you have a facility where the roof is prone to leaking, this should be resolved when there is good weather. If the roof leak continues to occur, there should be a person dedicated to monitoring the hazardous conditions in the area. If necessary, the impacted area should be cordoned off to be sure that employees and the public are not exposed to the hazard.
  • Pipes: Preventative maintenance should be done in and around any piping to prevent leaks or other potentially hazardous activities. Staying ahead on maintenance is key to combating slip and fall accidents.
  • Lobbies: Many experts say that the most dangerous step into a building is the first step. Lobbies are areas that are usually buffed to ensure a shine to impress visitors as they first enter a building. Facility managers should ensure that the cleaning supplies and wax used in this area are not causing a dangerous condition, which can make a slip and fall accident more likely. Choosing flooring in the lobby is particularly important. A floor that has some degree of friction is the best choice. Additionally, there is now new technology that ensures floor mats will not slip. In the past, if floor mats moved, many facility managers would resort to taping the mats down to the floor. Now, there are mats available that are sticky underneath to reduce the risk of shifting.
  • Breakrooms: These areas are also high-traffic areas where liquid can be spilled on the floor. Many of the same tips mentioned for lobbies also apply to breakrooms.

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