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Construction Fatalities

September 29, 2017

Construction Fatalities

Construction sites can be very dangerous places, but most employers try to do as much as they can to prevent injury. They train their employees, supervise them, and provide protective gear. However, construction accidents happen and the Associated General Contractors of America (ACG) have conducted a study on construction site fatalities. Research showed a four percent increase in construction fatalities in 2015.

Construction companies are required to report all worksite fatalities to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA takes this information and creates a statistical report. OSHA has determined that there are four main causes of worker fatalities called the Fatal Four. They are consisted of falls, electrocutions, getting trapped between objects, and getting hit by an object.

ACG Statistics

Approximately one-third of all construction-related fatalities were caused by falls. Transportation accidents account for 29 percent of construction fatalities. Within the construction sector, specialty trades can be the most fatal. Fifty-six percent of construction fatalities occur within the specialty trade industry. The civil and heavy sectors have the second-highest fatality rates. Experts have discovered that smaller construction firms are more prone to fatalities than larger firms. They assume smaller firms are understaffed and unable to appoint an employee to oversee the safety conditions on site. The study also delved into the timeframe of most workplace fatalities.

Fatalities are most likely to occur at noontime. During this time, many workers go on their lunch breaks. Most researchers believe that workers are less alert after lunch and more likely to suffer an accident as a consequence. To combat the problem, some companies have implemented midday meetings to keep their workers focused.

Statistics show that the greatest number of accidents occur during the weekday. This combats previous assumptions that Friday was the most fatal day of the work week. Age also plays a major factor in fatalities. Middle aged workers between the ages of 35 and 54 account for half of all construction fatalities. However, workers over the age of 65 are most at risk. Researchers suggest employees continue to educate workers about workplace safety. Experience does not guarantee defense. Workers must be vigilant about protecting themselves and refrain from pushing their bodies to the limit.

Statistics provide solid evidence that can help change the future of the construction industry. Although OSHA regulations have drastically reduced work-related fatalities, companies still have to do their part to improve workplace safety. They must use this information as a resource and develop guidelines to prevent fatalities. The first step is making the work environment safer by educating workers and employers. Workers should be thoroughly trained before entering the work site. A manager should be supervising the work conditions and making changes as needed. The work site should also be hazard-free and clean.

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