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Going Back to Work After an Injury

October 06, 2017

Going Back to Work After an Injury

For most workers, an injury only means leaving work temporarily to recover. Workers’ Compensation provides medical benefits and various types of wage replacement. Which type of wage replacement benefits an individual receives depends on the circumstances of their injury. For those who must leave work temporarily to recover, temporary total disability benefits provide compensation for two thirds of their average weekly wage. Workers who are permanently disabled can receive permanent total disability coverage, which provides wage replacement benefits for the rest of the individual’s life.

When an injured worker returns to work, they can still receive certain benefits. It is important that workers notify their employers of all changes to their employment status while receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits. An individual who works while they are not supposed to be working at all risks receiving their benefits.

Wage Loss Benefits for Former Workers’ Compensation Recipients

Not all injured workers are unable to perform their jobs. When an individual’s injury prevents them from performing certain aspects of their job, but they can still earn a wage, Workers’ Compensation provides benefits to make up for their lost wages. This type of arrangement can be temporary or permanent, depending on whether the worker can make a full recovery from the injury.

The worker’s doctor determines whether they qualify for partial or total disability benefits, as well as if they qualify for temporary or permanent benefits. Other factors considered to determine an appropriate compensation amount for an injured worker are their age, earnings at the time of the accident, and potential future earnings.

If the wages the individual earns upon returning to work are higher than what they earned through Workers’ Compensation, the benefits are terminated. If not, they are paid after determining the difference between the worker’s earnings before the injury and what they can earn while working in a modified position with an injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation as Part of Workers’ Compensation

Sometimes, returning to work after an injury means seeking a new position. For individuals in this situation, vocational rehabilitation benefits can be sought through Workers’ Compensation. This helps with securing a new job, which could be the development of new skills and preparation for a new position. While a worker is receiving vocational rehabilitation benefits, they can receive wage replacement benefits as well.

Employers are not required to reinstate injured workers after they have recovered from their injuries. In certain states, employers are required to offer vocational rehabilitation and retraining to injured workers. Workers should determine whether they are entitled to these benefits when they file their Workers’ Compensation claims so they can plan for their return to the workforce after recovery.

Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Represent Injured Workers Recovering and Returning to Work

If you are injured on the job, you have the right to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim. Often, it is much easier to secure the benefits you are entitled to receive by working with an experienced Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation lawyer. To learn more during your initial consultation with a member of DiTomaso Law, fill out our online form or call us at 856-414-0010. Our offices are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Philadelphia we work with clients from South Jersey and Philadelphia.

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