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Halloween Safety

October 30, 2017

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers discuss how to keep you family safe on Halloween. The cooler temperatures and the changing color of the leaves are sure signs that Halloween is near. Ghosts, goblins, witches, and skeletons will soon be trick or treating through neighborhoods in search of candy and treats. While Halloween will be a fun experience for most people, serious and sometimes fatal injuries can occur as children, teenagers, and adults spend the evening running from house to house and crossing busy streets.

Costumes transform ordinary people into super heroes, villains, and fairy tale princesses, but long, bulky material can create a fall hazard. Excited children running to keep up with their friends can trip and fall onto hard cement or asphalt surfaces, leaving them with cuts, lacerations, broken bones, and head injuries.  Masks can also obstruct vision, putting trick or treaters in danger of oncoming cars and other obstacles.

On Halloween, most people will be out during dusk and evening hours. Reflective tape and make up can help cars and pedestrians see those who may be darting into the street between parked cars and driveways. Flashlights and glow sticks attached to treat bags or costume props can help light pathways and make pedestrians more visible.

Children should always be supervised by adults that stay off of their cell phones and give children their undivided attention. Children should stay in groups with adults that ensure they cross streets safely using crosswalks and traffic signals.  Older children and teenagers should also travel with friends and be reminded to stay together for safety. Children should never enter the homes of unfamiliar people or without adult supervision.

Many children will be eager to dive into their candy sack, but parents need to be vigilant in checking their children’s bags before they are allowed to eat any treats.  Candy and snacks should be in sealed packages. Fresh fruit and privately packaged cookies or candy should be inspected carefully by a responsible adult. Any candy or snack with damaged wrappers or packaging should be discarded, even when it comes from a trusted neighbor or friend. Beware of choking hazards and remind children that they should never eat while they are running or walking.

Halloween parties and school celebrations are popular in the United States, and hosts of these festivities need to be mindful of safety precautions. Steps, sidewalks, and play areas need to be free from tripping hazards and should be well lit.  Serving fruits and vegetables is a healthy alternative to sugar laden candy and high fat snack foods. To avoid fire and burn hazards, use battery operated candles and reduce fall hazards by keeping extension cords out of traffic areas.

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