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Headlight Safety Concerns

February 19, 2018

Headlight Safety Concerns

Advancements in technology have resulted in changes in the design and on-board technology systems available in vehicles, as well as headlight design and power. While the auto industry has made the switch from halogen to LED bulbs to provide brighter vehicle lighting, changes in design have affected the quality of headlights, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Design Flaws

A study conducted by IIHS has revealed that headlights often come off the factory line poorly aimed, which may result in a glare, rendering the brighter LED bulbs useless. The switch has led to many vehicle manufacturers receiving poor ratings in the headlight safety department.

Headlight tests conducted by IIHS consisted of engineers measuring how far light is projected from low and high beams as vehicles drive on straight roadways and around curves. Further studies were conducted to measure whether lights create an excessive glare for oncoming vehicles.

Out of 100 vehicle models tested by the IIHS, only four received a good rating for headlight safety, while 40 vehicle models received poor ratings. The IIHS, which compiles an annual list of safe vehicles, ruled that only 15 vehicle models qualified for the 2018 Top Safety Pick Plus Award, which is much lower when compared to 2017. Numbers have plummeted due to the requirement that vehicles need to receive a good headlight rating during testing.

Necessary Improvements

While popular vehicle manufacturers do their own testing to ensure the safety of drivers purchasing their vehicles, the IIHS has a newly designed headlight study that offers room for improvements. Introduced in 2016, the study has expanded to test vehicle headlights in a more dynamic setting, and not all models have been tested.

As the IIHS testing goes above and beyond federal requirements, the group is hoping that the new headlight tests will influence vehicle manufacturers to change headlight design, as a large portion of fatal car accidents occur during the night hours.

Headlight Innovation

Further studies have resulted in the development of bulbs more advanced than LEDs that may see use in the vehicle manufacturing industry. A new bulb was recently introduced in 2017 that may be advantageous if used to produce headlights. The automobile component manufacturer, Varroc, introduced the Surface LED, which is produced and designed with functionality in mind, meaning that bulbs have the potential to be manufactured in curved, three dimensional shapes that may assist in headlight aim.

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