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Heart Health in the Workplace

February 01, 2020

Each February, the American Heart Association focuses on cardiovascular wellness. The heart plays an integral role to a healthy lifestyle. When it works effectively and efficiently, it enables employees to do their best work on the job and live fulfilling lives outside of work. However, many people remain at risk for a variety of diseases and conditions due to poor heart health. As staff age, their likelihood of cardiovascular disease goes up, reaching 80 percent by age 65.

Fortunately, team members of any age can boost their cardiovascular ability by taking precautionary measures and adopting new routines.

Snacking Smart

More than one-third of all Americans live with obesity or excess body weight. Carrying too much fat causes premature breakdowns in body tissue and organs. Additionally, it puts added strain on the heart to force blood throughout the system. Losing weight starts with eating for fuel, not fun or distraction. Many workers grab fast food for lunch or head to vending machines for a quick afternoon salt or sugar fix. Simply bringing a nutrient-packed lunch and snacks, as well as drinking water instead of sugar-based sodas, can have a significant impact on your health.

Exercising Daily

Though some employees move around a lot, others maintain rather sedentary roles. Sitting for too long can affect blood pressure levels, not to mention lead to circulation issues. Taking five or 10 minutes to briskly walk around the parking lot or up and down the stairwell is a wonderful first step toward adding exercise into a jam-packed workday. Most research shows that as little as 30 minutes of moderate heart-pumping exercise daily improves overall energy levels and basic fitness.

Visiting Doctors

About one in three adults has high blood pressure. However, not everyone gets regularly checked by a physician. A good rule of thumb is to see a doctor yearly and pay attention to blood pressure levels. High blood pressure can be treated through lifestyle changes and medication. Lowering blood pressure reduces the chances of stroke and heart attack, both of which can leave an employee in the hospital or on bed rest for months.

Ceasing Nicotine Use

Smoking or using smokeless tobacco takes a toll on the heart. People addicted to nicotine may want to use February as a launching point for a smoking cessation campaign. Nicotine and tobacco users who find quitting difficult may want to speak with a health care provider about pharmaceuticals and natural remedies known to cut down on nicotine’s addictive nature. When employees become healthier, they naturally increase their resistance to diseases. Prime health begins with taking care of important organs, including the heart.

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