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Importance of Reporting Incidents

May 13, 2019

If an incident occurs at work, certain employees may not bother to report it, unless the results were serious. That is a mistake. Management should know about all incidents, even if no severe harm occurred. Perhaps this time an incident did not injure a worker, but that may not prove true the next time. If management is unaware that incidents take place, they cannot proceed with corrective measures that could prevent the next incident.

Common Unreported Incidents

The types of incidents that go unreported run the gamut, but may include:

  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Lack of use of safety equipment
  • Lack of training on equipment or machinery

These are the types of incidents that, in other circumstances, could result in injury or even death. While some workers do not want to find themselves in the position of informing other employees for poor behavior or choices, by reporting these incidents, they could do these employees a favor. No one wants to get hurt on the job, and deliberately ignoring safety protocols or not using safety equipment could harm an injured worker’s ability to receive Workers’ Compensation.

Improper Behavior

There is another type of incident that is often unreported, and that is improper behavior. Whether it is sexual harassment, substance abuse, or bullying, other workers may feel another employee’s behavior is none of their business, unless they are the target of harassment or attacks. Employees with behavioral problems can affect the entire operation of a company. Perhaps some of these tragedies could have been prevented had fellow workers reported frightening incidents to management beforehand.

Formal Reporting

Incident reports are formal documents with legal significance. Informing a manager that a problem occurs is worthwhile, but not the same as filing an incident report. It is also critical that incident reports are filed as soon as possible after the incident happened. It is important to obtain eyewitness accounts and thoroughly document the situation. The longer the period between the incident and the filing of the report, the more memories may fade or become confused. When management receives an incident report, they must conduct an investigation. Such reports make management aware of threats they may not have known about and improves workplace safety. Safety, while crucial, is not the only reason for filing incident reports. Such reports protect workers who are harassed, improving company culture and the well-being of employees.

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