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Lifting Safety

July 03, 2018

Camden County Workers' Compensation lawyers offer lifting safety tips for on the job.Back injuries can happen to anyone. Whether it is at work or at home, lifting something can injure your back. Often, we attempt lifting packages without first knowing how much it weighs. By following a few tips and simple techniques, you can avoid a back injury while lifting heavy objects.

Safe Lifting Techniques

Before you try lifting something, give it a push with your hands or feet. If it moves easily, then you know it is not that heavy. If it resists, then you know to take extra care when lifting. If it is heavy, using a hand truck or asking someone to help you can prevent injury, rather than attempting to lift it yourself and risking injury.

Proper lifting uses the leg and stomach muscles to take pressure off the back. Do this by bending your knees and squatting to get close to the item before attempting to lift it. Once you have a good grasp, keep the item close to your body. Do not bend with your legs straight and do not lift with your arms extended.  Those postures place unnecessary pressure on your back and increase the chance of injury.

Once you have the item, make sure your path is unobstructed. Keep your eyes forward and make sure you see the ground ahead of you before proceeding so that you do not trip. Carry the item in front of you, not to the side. Avoid quick jerky motions or twisting. Good lighting and slip-proof shoes can also reduce the risk of injury.

Keep in mind that you need to avoid awkward positions. If you need to place the item overhead, try to avoid having to lift it with your arms over your head. If it is bulky or heavy, then you may need to use a fork lift. When you are ready to put the item down, do the reverse of what you did to lift it. Use your leg and stomach muscles to get close to the ground, keeping your back straight and the item close to you. Be sure not to drop it on your feet.

Healthy Backs

To keep your back in shape, it is important to have good physical strength, especially in your stomach muscles. If you need to lift objects throughout the day, consider stretching before and after to ward off stiffness and tightness in the muscles, which can lead to awkward posture and bad technique. Work within your limits and get help from another person or a device, such as a hand truck.

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