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Low-Level Access Products Prevent Work Injuries

October 04, 2018

Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation lawyers discusses low level access products to prevent work injuries.Technology changes the way we work and live. That often means time-honored products are replaced with newer, more effective versions. On worksites, ladders and scaffolding are old technology, and low-level access products are increasingly taking their place, greatly reducing workplace injuries.

Low-Level Access Lifts

Low-level access lifts allow employees to use both hands when working, which is not possible with ladders. The lifts permit them to work at considerable heights and have 360 degree access. In addition, the lifts are portable, much like ladders. Unlike ladders, lifts do not contribute to worker fatigue, as there is no climbing involved to gather tools. On a lift, tools are stored on a tray, but if the employee needs another piece of equipment, all they have to do is press a button and the lift moves up or down.

One person can use a low-level access lift by themselves as the units are lightweight. That is not always the case with ladders, especially when dealing with significant heights. A second person may be required for footing the ladder, which is not necessary with a lift. Falling from ladders account for a large percentage of work-related injuries and even fatalities. One bad step can permanently disable a worker. Ladders do not require a great deal of training for use, but neither does low-level access equipment. Ladders are used for one specific purpose, but lifts are also available for transporting cargo.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms have replaced scaffolding on many job sites. These platforms are easily assembled and allow workers to reach higher. Because the mobile platform has a wide footprint and base, it is more stable than older equipment. Mobile platforms also include advanced guard rail technology for protection.

Eco-friendly Low-Level Access Lifts

There is no question that a ladder is an eco-friendly piece of equipment. However, there are low-level access lifts that do not depend on any form of motors or hydraulics. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are quiet, reducing the noise pollution commonly found on work sites. In the long-term, that may reduce the incidence of hearing loss among workers. The innate quietness of these lifts makes them an ideal choice for contractors working in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and other places where construction sounds distract inhabitants.

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