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Michelin Educates Teen Drivers on Tire Safety

July 24, 2018

A newly released survey, conducted by Michelin North America, revealed that 82 percent of teens are driving with unsafe tire tread and improper tire pressure. Although most teens claim they know how to check tire pressure and tread, 75 percent of teens rely on others for their vehicle maintenance. This raises concern since teens are involved in 300,000 tire-related accidents each year. Tires with low pressure or insufficient tread can lead to blowouts, hydroplaning, and difficulty with steering and stopping.

To address this problem, Michelin is expanding the Beyond the Driving Test program. The program, created in 2014, had the original goal of providing tire safety information in new driver training materials across the nation. They have accomplished this milestone and have moved on to the second component of this life-saving campaign.

Recently, Michelin partnered with Vans, a top seller in teen footwear, in the Street Tread Contest. Teens can compete for one of 100 Michelin Man inspired Vans by submitting a picture that demonstrates their knowledge of checking tire pressure or tread. Teens can enter the contest by submitting pictures to the contest website.

Checking Tire Treads

Tires are considered bald when one or more of the grooves reaches 2/23 of an inch deep. However, treads that are even halfway worn can lose a substantial amount of their weather grip on the road. This becomes a serious hydroplaning risk in rain when the grooves are not deep enough to channel water away from the bottom of the tire.

It is important for teens, and all drivers, to check their tire tread monthly. First, look for manufacturer wear bars, which become visible on worn treads. If these bars are noticeable, it is time to replace the tire. If no bars are evident, check the remaining tread by inserting a penny into the lowest tire groove. If any part of Lincoln’s head is visible, it is time to purchase a new tire.

Tire Irregularities and Defensive Driving

Checking tires for irregularities can prevent future problems. Tires with nails, cracks, or bulges in the sidewall must be repaired or replaced immediately. Additionally, tires with uneven ware may indicate a wheel alignment issue or suspension problem. Repairing these issues can keep the remaining tread intact longer, prolonging the life of the tire. Even if all tires look good, teens need to know that even new tires can lose their grip in severe weather. Remind them to take it slow and remain a reasonable distance away from the car in front of them.

Camden Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Represent Victims Injured in Car Accidents

Even if our teens are educated on tire safety, their lack of experience behind the wheel puts them at a higher risk of serious accidents than other drivers. Camden car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law have the knowledge and resources to handle car accidents caused by weather conditions, faulty tires, and distracted driving. With office locations in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Philadelphia, we proudly serve clients from the surrounding areas. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 856-414-0010 or submit an online inquiry today.

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