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New Technology Systems Improve Safety on Construction Sites

April 02, 2019

While on a construction site, safety is of the utmost importance and it is just as important as getting the job done. Some construction companies are starting to rely on certain safety systems to ensure safety on worksites. Safety training is vital and should always be more important than any other aspect or device, since safe practices start with the actions and mindset of the workers. Certain companies are utilizing technology to help bolster any safety practices in the field.

RFID Technology and Worker Relationships

Some construction companies are now using radio-frequency identification (RFIDs). It is a device that clips to the worker so that management can see where workers are to prevent collisions or other accidents that can occur as a result of movement of the workers around each other. Other companies want to wait to invest in such technology, since their position is that the technology for RFIDs may need to be refined further before investing in that type of technology. Instead, these companies are choosing to invest more in bolstering worker relationships. When workers understand who they are working with and have a good working relationship with others on the site, this encourages a more cooperative working environment and results in an overall safer construction site.

Even building worker relationships does not just happen among workers magically; it requires team-building exercises. This may require other types of systems put in place by the employer, such as training software, time off the worksite for training, or investing in software that groups employees together on a regular basis. Although the result may not be technical, technology can be used to achieve the desired result.

Other Uses on the Worksite for New Technology

Some contractors and construction companies can also utilize drones to their advantage to inspect high areas and reduce the risk of employee falls. Training on how to use these types of specialized drones, which must be equipped with the capability to video or take pictures, may be required and prove beneficial as drones become used more as a tool than a recreational device. On the other hand, drones have become more controversial because of other safety concerns. Either way, any type of system used by employers will likely be subject to a cost benefit analysis to determine whether the cost outweighs the presumed benefit.

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