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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers: Dangers of Confined Spaces

April 06, 2016

Entering confined spaces can be dangerous in certain industries, especially construction and maritime. In addition to close calls and tragic events, consistent death and injury rates led OSHA to pass a confined space rule in 2015 that could protect as many as 800 construction workers each year from serious injuries. In addition to regulatory actions, instrument manufacturers have created new wireless monitoring tools such as the wireless gas monitoring system. These systems monitor gas levels and environmental readings to help offsite safety managers keep an eye on the safety of workers and almost instantaneously alert those who may be in danger.

Readings from a wireless gas monitor that alert offsite safety managers can be very helpful in reducing the risk of injuries to construction workers. Before entering a confined space, a competent person is usually required to make sure an entry space is safe enough for entry. Recent deadly events and incidents have shown the need for safety training, gas detection tools, trained personnel, wireless gas monitoring systems with PID’s and technology to be on hand at dangerous confined spaces to make sure conditions are safe for everyone.

New technologies are adding to the amount of wireless data available to industrial hygienists, plant safety managers, crew leaders and confined space attendants. Ninety-two workers have lost their lives in confined spaces in the last five years, which is why the use of wireless gas detection solutions, safety training and the implementation of safety practices is the best strategy for protecting those in construction against the dangers of confined space entry.

Before entering a confined space, make sure to complete the following:

  • Review data regarding hazardous substances, data sheets and chemical hazard response information.
  • Make sure an industrial hygienist or competent person has verified access.
  • Ensure the space is ventilated.
  • Review the proper tools and technology needed upon entry. Carry a multiple-gas reader and PID.
  • Check the calibration and operation of the oxygen or multiple-gas meters.
  • Review egress procedures and discuss emergency rescue procedures.

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People are injured every day on or near construction sites because of the negligence of an employer, manufacturer or co-worker. If you, a loved one or someone you know has been injured or killed on or near a construction site, our team of knowledgeable Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law understand the OSHA rules and government regulations in place to protect you.

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