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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers: Faulty Safety Equipment

September 22, 2015

Just by showing up for work, construction workers risk injury every day. However, it has become accepted knowledge that using the proper safety equipment greatly reduces the risk of incurring a serious construction accident injury. Regardless, many do not consider what happens when the safety equipment is faulty or defective, or when it fails to protect them. When this occurs, construction workers face serious injuries and in the most tragic cases, sometimes even death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards and regulations in place to reduce injuries to construction workers. While construction sites are hazardous work environments, injuries and deaths at construction sites are always preventable. OSHA has a long history of implementing safety precautions and monitoring all types of workplace accidents with the goal of continually improving workplace safety. It is imperative for construction workers to use personal protective equipment but even the most conscientious worker is vulnerable to injuries when the safety gear has a dangerous manufacturing flaw.

Faulty Safety Equipment Causes Construction Accidents

When construction site supervisors, construction company owners and manufacturers either fail to provide workers with safety equipment or the safety equipment offered to their workers is found to be faulty or defective, those parties should be held accountable for the injuries imposed on their workers. Safety equipment can be defective for a variety of reasons. Safety gear for construction workers can have a manufacturing defect, design defect or a failure to warn that would increase the chances of injury. Defective safety equipment for construction workers can include personal fall arrest systems, guardrail systems, safety net systems, trench boxes or shoring and safety glass in heavy machinery.

Protective Safety Equipment for Construction Workers

When safety equipment meets protection standards and is working properly, it is extremely effective in guarding construction workers from injuries. Hard hats provide head protection from falling objects, head injuries from fixed objects and contact with an electrical hazards, and should be regularly inspected for indentations, cracks or every day wear and tear. Protective head gear should be replaced after a substantial blow or electrical shock. Safety goggles and face shields prevent injuries from welding, cutting, grating, nailing, concrete work, chemical exposure, flying particles and electrical threats. Work shoes or boots with non-slip soles and resistance to punctures reduce foot injuries and prevent toes from being crushed from falling objects or heavy equipment. Snug fitting gloves should be worn by workers and those that perform specific construction jobs such as welding or concrete work should wear gloves specific to the protection of those jobs.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Obtain Compensation for Victims of Faulty Safety Gear

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious construction site injury due to faulty safety equipment, Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law will provide you with quality legal guidance and fight hard to recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering. We offer free consultations for Philadelphia construction accident victims in our Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey offices.

Call 856-414-0010 or fill out an online contact form to discuss the details of your injuries with an experienced construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia.  We represent victims of all types of personal injury in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey including Camden County, Burlington County, Atlantic County, Salem County, Gloucester County and Cumberland County.

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