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Prom Night Safety Tips

April 23, 2019

Car accidents happen, but due to teens’ inexperience behind the wheel, they may be more susceptible to accidents. Prom night is one of the biggest nights in a young teen’s life. Parents and teens should prepare well in advance for the potential dangers on the road that can be associated with prom activities.

During prom night, teens are more likely to drive under the influence. Parents should talk to their teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) report that 74 percent of teens ask their parents about drinking and peer pressure. Planning how teens will travel on that night and what sort of festivities they will be attending is extremely important for parents. Planning to keep teens off the road entirely may be the safest bet when considering the hazards of drinking and driving.

Driving Distractions

Teens may also be more distracted behind the wheel if they choose to drive on prom night. Even if they are not engaging in drug or alcohol use, more teens in the car than usual can be distracting. Teens will likely be using their cell phones all night. Even drivers who are not using their own phones can be distracted by cell phone use by other teens in the car using the GPS, tuning the music, taking photos, or talking with other friends while driving.

Teens should also be aware of steps to take if they are involved in a car accident or if their car breaks down. Ensuring that passengers have moved out of harm’s way or staying in the car until help arrives can save lives in the event something unexpected happens.

Parents Can Prepare

Certain parents may choose to have the post-prom party at their own home so they can monitor the teens’ behavior and be sure they are not driving to different parties throughout the night. Parents should connect with other teen parents to communicate details and any necessary information. Other parents may choose to arrange for paid car services to pick up their teens from parties to ensure they arrive home safely.

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