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Should I Pursue Non-Economic Damages?

October 01, 2019

Suffering an injury from an accident can lead to overwhelming stress. Not only do you suffer from physical and financial damage, but you may experience emotional or mental harm as well, sometimes weeks or months after the accident. Insurance companies are designed to cover your economic losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and damaged property. However, they are infamous for not covering everything completely. If you experienced non-economic losses following an accident, they may not cover those either.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages consist of a broad array of situations. They are losses that you suffer that do not involve money, bills, or property. They include emotional and mental distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, or scarring and disfigurement. Sterility and physical impairments are also considered non-economic losses, also known as quality-of-life damages. These, and many other scenarios, are considered intangible, which is why it is recommended to seek legal assistance to quantify your losses.

Not Enough Compensation

Insurance companies are always working for a profit, so in many cases, they most likely will only compensate you with the lowest amount possible. Consequential damages are injuries that you may not notice until after the fact, or the toll an injury can take on your well-being. It is reasonably common to suffer from depression if you were disfigured following an accident, or if you can no longer participate in recreational activities that you once enjoyed. These are losses that most people never consider following an accident, but most likely suffer from.


Not being fully compensated is an important reason to pursue non-economic damages in your personal injury case, but there are other reasons as well. If you become injured from a company or corporation’s negligence, your injury case may prevent others from being injured, such as better safety regulations or product recalls. A company may offer a settlement to pay off the case, but only if the case goes to court can changes be made.

Loved Ones Also Suffer

Suffering losses following an injury or accident not only affect you, but they can affect those around you as well. Your family and loved ones can sue for non-economic damages following your injury. The families of victims who have been severely injured from an accident should pursue quality-of-life losses. If the head of the household is suffering a lifelong impairment, their children or spouse will have to adjust their lives to the unfortunate situation, leading to stress and suffering for all those in the household, not just the victim.

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