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Vehicle Rankings Based on Driver Distractions

September 12, 2018

There are many things that distract motorists while driving. One popular distraction is the use of cell phones. Another, that is not as known and has been found to be a bigger distraction, is the vehicle’s dashboard. Most vehicles today are built with their own in-vehicle infotainment system. Studies show that in-vehicle infotainment systems can be extremely distracting. Some of these systems even cause the driver to look away from the road for long periods of time to operate.

There have been studies that show Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android auto smartphone software is both faster and less distracting to use than in-vehicle infotainment systems. AAA ranked different in-vehicle infotainment systems in certain car models based on how much attention was required by the driver.

Categories of In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

AAA rated vehicles with in-vehicle infotainment systems in the following categories:

  • Moderate Demand: Systems that were the least distracting to drivers
  • High Demand: Systems that placed a heavier demand on drivers
  • Very High Demand: Systems that placed high levels of demand on drivers

Several factors went into categorizing each vehicle:

  • Location of the instrument: Even though the system might be user friendly when activated, the location of the instrument panel might affect the ease of completing certain tasks, such as texting, adjusting audio, and accessing a call.
  • Lag time: Some touch screens were found to have a lag time when processing voice commands.
  • Programming audio entertainment systems: Some testers found the programming of the audio entertainment system to be a detailed and demanding task.
  • Lock-out during motion: The lock-out feature creates limited interactions while the vehicle is in motion and was one of the biggest factors used in categorizing each vehicle.
  • Quick responsive touch screen and accurate voice recognition: Quick and simple interactions on the touch screen were an important factor in categorizing each vehicle. The button and screen sizes were also determining factors during testing.
  • Strict set of commands: Some systems would only accept a strict set of voice commands. It was found that most of these voice commands were often misunderstood.
  • Confusing menu: Some of the vehicles in the very high demand category had screen menus that were difficult to use. This causes the driver to spend more time looking at the screen than the road.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

It is important for drivers to research models and the in-vehicle infotainment system available before purchasing. A vehicle with an in-vehicle infotainment system might be right for one driver but not right for another driver. Drivers should be aware of the risks that are associated with built-in distractions.

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