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Reducing Speed Limits Causes Accidents

February 07, 2019

Camden car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law help those injured in car accidentsLegislators are presented with a quandary when trying to determine whether to reduce the speed limit in certain areas of New Jersey. In one situation, state legislators are trying to determine whether to lower the speed limit along a state highway in front of a school where a teen was fatally injured by a drunk driver while walking. In that area, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour during the day when children are visibly present, but the speed limit is otherwise 40 miles per hour.

Some state legislators argue that the speed limit should be lowered in that area, but others argue that is not necessary since the accident was not related to the presence of the school. A state legislator is arguing against lowering the speed limit, stating that unexpected slow-downs in the area could be more dangerous. Drivers are expected to drive 40 miles per hour in the area, aside from school hours, and if a minority of cars slow down to 25 miles per hour, it could create a safety hazard.

Slow Driving Can Be Dangerous

Although most people associate reckless driving with fast driving, slower driving can also present its own set of safety hazards. If drivers are going slower than is normally expected on a roadway where traffic moves at a faster rate, it could raise the risk of an accident, especially for those who drive frequently on that road. Drivers should be aware that certain states issue tickets for driving too slowly. There are four types of slow drivers: the inexperienced driver who may not be familiar with the road, the touristy driver who is taking in the sights, a distracted driver who is checking their phone or GPS instead of focusing on driving, and the senior driver who may be hesitant due to reduced reflexes, strength, or low vision. In all cases, drivers should not pass by slow drivers, since the driver may not be immediately aware of a faster driver in the area.

When a Slow Driver is Present

Certain precautions to take if you encounter a slow driver is to first have patience to see if the slow driver becomes aware of the faster drivers or at least of their slower speed. Wait a moment to see if the slower driver will make way for faster drivers. Drivers can also flash their lights or tap the horn if the lights do not get the slow driver’s attention.

Camden Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help Those Injured in Car Accident

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