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Reporting a Slip and Fall

July 06, 2017

Many people will suffer from a slip, trip, or fall accident at some point during their lives. In most cases, the accident will not be their fault. Because this type of accident can happen anywhere and to anyone, it is critical to know what actions to take after a slip and fall accident.

This is especially true when the fall could have been avoided if not for someone else’s negligence. By law, parking lots, homes, buildings, and walkways must be maintained to ensure that they can be navigated safely. If you suffer a slip and fall that is not your fault, you should always report it.

Report a Slip and Fall to the Appropriate Person

  • If the accident occured at a retail location or business, you should notify the owner, property manager, or store manager.
  • If it happens at a home, you should notify the homeowner, tenant, or landlord.
  • In the case of a government property, be sure to tell the manager on-site or an administrator.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

Most importantly, you will want to get medical attention. While many of these accidents result in minor injuries, it is still critical that a medical professional evaluate you as soon as possible. This will ensure that your injuries are treated properly as well as serve as valuable evidence if you later decide to file a premises liability claim.

Inspect the area in which you fell. Look around for potential causes of the fall, including loose carpeting, snow and ice, uneven concrete, or spilled food. Snap photos with your phone to use as evidence or have someone else document the scene if you are unable.

Identify any witnesses and write down their names and contact information for your incident report.

What to Include in the Accident Report

Depending on the location of your slip and fall accident, you may be given a specific form to complete. If nobody is on the scene to provide you with a form, write down what occurred so that you can provide it to the manager or owner of the facility. Document all information available to you, including the date, time, specific location, the environmental conditions, and what happened. You will want to note what caused the fall and what specific circumstances surrounded it. If anybody witnessed the incident, have them fill out a report as well.

The information included in this document is vital to the success of your injury claim. You are therefore highly advised to consult an experienced Camden County slip and fall lawyer to ensure no mistakes are made. This is the best person to be on your side if you are considering legal action. After you complete the form, be sure to obtain a copy. Take a picture with your phone to make certain you have a record.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Offer Advice and Counsel to Those Reporting a Slip and Fall Accident

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