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Reverse Truck Accidents

December 04, 2018

Cherry Hill truck accident lawyers represent individuals involved in reverse truck accidents.Backing up and docking a long tractor trailer should not be considered a simple task. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for truck accidents. The leading cause is poor visibility as the operator must maneuver the vehicle with the back trailer in their view. Sight lines are lost in the blind spots of trucks, and the 90-degree angles needed to turn also make things difficult.

The process becomes even more complicated if there is traffic, which puts additional pressure on the driver. Even though the accidents usually happen at low speeds, the damages can be quite costly. Companies that operate fleets of tractor trailers can experience high repair costs, skyrocketing insurance rates, and other problems that arise from frequent backup truck crashes. Two organizations have come up with ways to reduce reverse truck accidents, and both are worth looking into.

The G.O.A.L. Method

The Instructional Technologies website promotes the G.O.A.L. method for drivers. When faced with a blind spot while backing up, the driver should Get Out and Look, also known as G.O.A.L. Doing so will only take minutes, but if a driver is running late or under other pressures, they might not want to make the effort.  However, full visibility is essential for backing up tractor trailers, so this method is recommended.

Driver Training

RBX Inc. is a trucking company that operates in the Midwest. They have their own student driver program, which their new hires participate in. Learning to back up long trailers is not easy and teaching these newer drivers at the outset seems to work. Their Vice President of Operations said that mastering the skill takes much practice, and even those with experience can run into problems.

The company has been using online training for their drivers, using webcasts, seminars, e-learning programs, and consulting. Students and current employees can learn on their own time and can even use a mobile application to access the information. The learning library has over 70 subjects, including refresher courses for more seasoned drivers. RBX Inc. tasks the drivers with learning a few topics per month and offers cash incentives when they complete their courses.

Signs of Improvement

About six months after the e-learning program was initiated, RBX Inc. stated that their reverse accidents had decreased by eight percent. The company expects that this percentage will go up as more drivers get used to the new system. Instructional Technologies and other companies also provide extensive, online driver training courses; many being offered at no charge.

Clearly, these programs can serve a model for other trucking companies looking to improve safety for all their trucks and drivers. Any truck driver that wants to improve their skills should consider asking their company’s management to investigate e-learning programs.

Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Represent Individuals Involved in Truck Accidents

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