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Safer Car Headlights are on the Way

July 30, 2019

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is in the process of writing rules to set new standards for headlight safety and people are anxiously awaiting these new regulations, which will i

mprove visibility at night. Automakers and consumers are waiting for the regulations that would make it legal to bring the technology to the United States. Higher quality headlights and headlight technology is already available in Europe. In fact, technology regarding lighting is rapidly advancing; it is now up to the United States to

catch up with other parts of the world. The NHTSA is also implementing more rigorous testing standards for car manufacturers.

In Europe, many countries currently have adaptive driving beams (ADBs). This technology makes it so that oncoming drivers are not blinded by brighter headlights. The technology ensures that the lights are not pointing upward toward the eyes of other drivers. Some people have concerns that this may not be as helpful in the U.S. where people are more apt to tow trailers. When towing, it may pull down the back of the car and point the headlights upward. Some argue that brighter 

headlights can also be controlled with ADB technology.


Features of New Headlights

Some other features of the ADBs are a variety of LED lights, full-time high beams, and systems that target the headlights toward obstacles on the side of the road, such as at a deer or a sign. Amazingly enough, ADB lights use digital cameras to detect oncoming cars and control the LED lights when driving. Micro-mirrors on LED chips that create personalized signature lights and lasers, which would supplement LED high beams, are also in development. These lasers could increase headlight range up to 50 percent.

Changes in lighting materials may also account for decreased effectiveness, since plastic casing is the main cause for headlights fogging up. Plastic casing has been used more recently to reduce the car’s weight. Poor visibility can contribute to car accidents in suburban and rural areas where there is less street lighting at night and drivers are more susceptible to unexpected obstacles in the road, including animals.

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