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What are Common Safety Tips for Truck Drivers?

October 11, 2019

Many people think that truckers are among the safest drivers because they are driving constantly and must be extra aware of their big vehicle. Yet, driving for hours on end can leave truck drivers vulnerable to potential hazards and accidents. Driving a big rig is not a walk in the park and truck drivers must be extra cautious. Common safety tips that pertain to truck drivers include the following:

  • Check out delivery spots before driving the truck up to the dock. Although drivers may assume that a loading dock is designed for their sized truck, that may not always be the case. There could be unknown hazards that are low to the ground, such as a fire hydrant or debris that it is difficult to see from the cab. Taking the time to get out of the cab to walk around the delivery area can be key to avoiding costly and time-consuming accidents.
  • Use a GPS designed for trucks. There are now GPS devices available just for trucks that give extra information that truckers must consider when driving a big rig.
  • Avoid rush hour. When possible, avoid areas that are prone to congestion during morning and afternoon rush hours. This could save you time and a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Only change lanes when necessary. The possibility for truck accidents increases greatly each time a truck changes lanes. In the event of an accident, the police will assess who stayed in their lane when writing the accident report.
  • Leave extra room in front of the truck. This is a crucial tip as it can save a truck driver from a potentially hazardous situation and multiple accidents. Car drivers are not always aware of what it takes to stop a big rig. This buffer zone could save lives and a great deal of headache in the case of fender benders.
  • Always assess whether you are alert enough to drive. Since truckers are on the road for many hours at a time, it is wise to always reassess your own state of mind. When in doubt, take a rest break to start anew with an alert mind.

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